Top 10 Breweries in united States

the United States has emerged as one of the leaders in the brewing industry, often taking charge of developing new, exciting styles.

1. AleSmith Brewing Company

There are a handful of cities in the United States that can claim themselves as the top craft beer destinations in the United States

2. 3 Floyds Brewing Company

Located in Munster, Indiana, 3 Floyds is a brewery that popped up right at the beginning of that second wave of craft beers

3. Russian River Brewing Company

If you were to map out the expansion of craft breweries in the United States, you might have three major waves.

4. Tree House Brewing Company

Few brewing companies have exploded onto the scene to dominate the beer world like Tree House.

5. Allagash Brewing Company

Allagash has been producing Belgian-themed beer since 1995 in Portland, Maine.

6. Cigar City Brewing Company

Beer drinkers are probably most familiar with the company's popular Jai Alai IPA, which is named for a Spanish sport played in the region prior to the formation of the United States.

7. Trillium Brewing Company

In many ways, Trillium shares a similar story as Tree House Brewing Company (we'll discuss Tree House shortly).

8. Bells Brewing Company

Bells is a mainstay in the world of craft beer. It is one of the original craft breweries in the United States.

9. Funky Buddha Brewing Company

Funky Buddha is a Boca Raton brewery that opened in 2010.

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