10 Healthy And tasty Snacks For Your Next Flight

Healthy And tasty Snacks For Next Flight

1. Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

The tempting, colourful fruits are the perfect companions while on a long journey.


Make sure you pick the right kind of fruits that do not get too ripe too fast.


Nuts are a rich source of fibre, protein and many other nutrients.

2. Whole grain crackers

Move over oily chips and fried snacks, and try these yummy whole grain crackers.

super healthy

They are made with super healthy ingredients such as whole wheat flour, ground oats and flax seeds.

3. Makhanas

Also known as fox nuts, these fluffy and tasty little pieces are the favourite amongst health-conscious beings.


They are gluten-free too. Roasted makhanas or spicy makhanas are perfectly irresistible alternatives.

4. Home Cooked Banana Chips

We can never say no to chips, can we? The crispy round banana slices are always worth one more bite.


You can make them at home quickly. Here is the recipe. Use an air fryer for healthy results with minimal oil.

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