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Weather Update: Weather will change from Uttar Pradesh to Punjab, there will be rain in these states

Weather Update: The weather will change once again from Uttar Pradesh to Punjab. There is a possibility of light rain at many places. At the same time, snowfall in the mountains is preventing the mercury from rising.

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The Kalamkar, (Today Weather): The weather is once again taking a turn in North India. Due to the effect of western disturbance, heat has not entered even in the second month of March. The weather department says that the mercury will not rise for a few more days. 

It is getting cold at night in most of the states of North India. An increase in day temperature has been recorded. The Meteorological Department said that the effect of western disturbance will remain in the western Himalayan region for at least this week.

Even in Haryana, Punjab, Western Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the mercury will not rise rapidly. However, the day temperature is expected to increase slightly. Scientists say that the weather is expected to remain like this for at least a week. Due to western disturbance, cyclonic circulation is forming at many places. Due to this, light rain has been predicted in the plains. There may be more rain than normal in hilly areas.

Along with this, there is going to be light rain and snowfall in Jammu-Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan, Muzaffarabad and Himachal Pradesh on 12th and 13th. The intensity of both rain and snowfall will increase on March 13. However, it is expected that a change will be seen in the weather from March 14 onwards.

Gradually heat will start entering and the mercury will start rising. The minimum temperature in Delhi NCR and surrounding areas may remain between 10 to 13 degrees next week. The maximum temperature is expected to reach 30 degrees.

It may rain here

According to Skymet Weather, there is a possibility of light rain in Uttarakhand on March 11 and 12. Apart from this, snowfall will be at its peak in the hilly areas on March 13 and 14. There is also a possibility of rain along with thunder in the Himalayan areas. Light rain has also been predicted in Haryana, Punjab, Western Uttar Pradesh, Eastern Rajasthan and Delhi from 11 to 14 March. Apart from this, there may be rain on the northern coast of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.