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UP News: Brother-in-law established relations with sister-in-law by promising marriage, then the family made a big disclosure to the police

jija sali love story - It is very difficult to maintain the purity of relationships. Many times, due to attraction, some relationships are formed which are never accepted by the society. Something similar happens in this story also. Where a brother-in-law formed a relationship with his sister-in-law. Let us know what is the whole matter- 

jija saali love story

The Kalamkar News (Bureau). There was a lot of drama in the police station in Didoli of Amroha regarding the love affair between brother-in-law and sister-in-law. 

The sister-in-law kept accusing the brother-in-law of reneging on the promise of marriage. At the same time, she talked about herself being pregnant. Seeing the matter worsening, the police called the brother-in-law and his family members to the police station.

Meanwhile, there was an altercation between the sister-in-law and her sister. However, later it was agreed to send the sister-in-law with the brother-in-law's family. 

This matter is related to Didoli. A young man resident here was married to a girl resident of a village in Amroha area three years ago. 

Brother-in-law formed a relationship with sister-in-law- 

It is said that both of them had a love marriage. The girl's maternal family lives in a rented house in Noida. Four months ago the young man started living with his wife at his in-laws' house. 

He started working there. Apart from mother-in-law and father-in-law, there is also a sister-in-law in the in-laws house. While living there, a love affair started between brother-in-law and sister-in-law. 

Brother-in-law established relations with sister-in-law by promising marriage- 

At the same time, mutual relations were also formed. Meanwhile, the brother-in-law kept promising to marry her. When sister-in-law put more pressure for marriage, she flatly refused. 

Later he returned to the village with his wife. After that the sister-in-law kept trying to contact him, but he started avoiding her. 

Angered by this, the sister-in-law reached Didoli police station late on Friday night and started a ruckus by making serious allegations against the brother-in-law. 

At the same time, she told herself that she was pregnant. She created a ruckus by marrying her brother-in-law. On which the police called the brother-in-law and his family members there.