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Survey of new railway line to be laid in these districts of UP completed, 7 new stations will be built

UP News: The final location survey of Azamgarh-Varanasi railway line has ended. Lakhs of people will get direct benefits from this railway line. This railway line will also have less impact on the pockets of the general public. Traffic will become much easier through the railway line. 

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Uttar Pradesh News: The final location survey of Azamgarh-Varanasi railway line has ended. This railway network will connect to Gorakhpur beyond Azamgarh. For this, engineers have made a blueprint to build a new railway line of 89 kilometers. With the construction of railway, the train distance from Varanasi to Azamgarh will be 95 km. The fare will be around Rs 65 per person.

The project has moved towards DPR after overcoming the second challenge of final survey after pre-survey. The efficiency of the officers and the willingness of the government show that the project will get funds of more than one thousand crores in the upcoming budget. 

The project also includes a 34 km railway section between Sathianv (Azamgarh) and Doharighat (Mau). By connecting with the already constructed Dohrighat-Sahjanwa (Gorakhpur) railway section, the people of Ballia, Ghazipur and Mau will get a new path of progress, which will cost Rs 1319 crore.

The roadmap will be like this

New 55 km. The railway line will connect Aurihar to Sarai Rani railway station. SaraiRani railway station is already eight km from Azamgarh. is far. Aurihar station is also 32 km from Varanasi City station in Banaras division of North Eastern Railway. is far. Met Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav. 

I am making efforts only after winning the elections. The pre-project will start after the elections. Azamgarh will set new dimensions of development once it gets connected to Varanasi and Gorakhpur railway network. Our team has been struggling for this for the last two decades, which will now be completed.