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Property News: You can buy property for free, it will not cost you a single rupee from your pocket

Every person wants to buy land and house or invest in it, but investing in property is an expensive deal. Because of this, most people are not able to buy property easily. Let us know about it in detail.

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The Kalamkar News: Along with rich people, intelligent people also create property easily. There are some people who take a plot for a house for free. For a while, you will not believe where you can get a free plot… But, if you want, even if you do not have money, you can get a free plot by doing a little hard work, that too at a prime location. How? Let us tell-

Here we are telling you some important things, keeping in mind which you can get a free plot. After years of saving and planning, your endeavor should be to take the right decision so that you do not have any regrets later. Well, there is nothing for this, you just have to follow some steps. Let us tell you in advance that this is a bit of hard work.

How to buy a plot without paying 1 rupee

If you want to buy a plot for free, then first of all you have to look for a good layout. Layout means the proper document of that property. Loan facility should be available from all types of banks, there should be proper development like roads, water, electricity etc.

Search for at least such projects. After that select the top 2 projects in it. Now finalize one of them. Select any one plot of your choice in the finalized project. Then book that plot by paying a token amount. By paying the token amount you become the legal owner of that plot. Only till the time you are given time to pay the remaining amount.

The developer will give you commission

In the third step we tell you what to do next. Now you have to work with that developer as a channel partner or referral partner. Suppose your plot is worth Rs 11 to 12 lakh. 

Then you can make a deal with that developer. You need to know how much commission the developer will give you on selling a plot. If the developer gives you 5% to 10% commission, it means you will get a profit of Rs 75 thousand to Rs 1 lakh on a plot.

You will have to work hard at the end

You will have to work a little hard so that you do not have to pay a single rupee for the plot. For this, you will have to get people to visit your site and sell one or two plots at full cost. This will make the developer trust you and he will not force you for a quick agreement. 

Now you can get ten to twelve plots sold in 6 months of the year. With this you will earn a good amount in the form of commission. Your token amount will also be refunded.