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Petrol Pump's Free Facilities: You do not have to pay a single penny for these facilities available at the petrol pump

Petrol Pump: People who go to work every day fill oil from petrol pumps almost every day. When you go to the petrol pump, you fill up with diesel or petrol and come back. People do not have much information about these facilities available at petrol pumps. Even though petrol and diesel available at petrol pumps are quite expensive, there are many facilities at petrol pumps which are available absolutely free. Let us know about these special features in detail...

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The kalamkar News, Digital Desk: Mostly, any car driver goes to the petrol pump only when his car runs out of petrol or diesel or CNG gas. You must have passed near a petrol pump hundreds of times, many people must have filled their bike or car with petrol -diesel thousands of times at the petrol pump. But to open a petrol pump, one has to follow the conditions laid down by the government. You get a chance to open a petrol pump only if the conditions are fulfilled. These conditions are the facilities provided to the common customers, which are provided to the people for free at the petrol pump (Free services on petrol pump) .

Very few people know about the important facilities available at this petrol pump. You can avail these facilities without any payment. If any petrol pump takes money from you for even one of these facilities, then you can complain about it. There are some things at every petrol pump which are necessary to be kept there and common people can use them for free. Can. Today we are going to tell you what facilities you get for free at the petrol pump. 

1. Free toilet service

Petrol pump is a place where thousands of people come every day. That is why it is important to have some such facilities here, which people use frequently. One such facility is toilet, it is necessary to have ladies and gents toilet at petrol pump. That is, if you are on a long journey and have to go to the toilet, then you can enter the location of the petrol pump. If you do not get this facility at any petrol pump then you can complain about it. 

2. Drinking water

Apart from toilets, another very important thing is the facility of drinking water at the petrol pump. You must have noticed that every petrol pump has water RO installed. From here you can refill your water bottle and also drink water. If there is no water facility, you can demand it from the petrol pump manager. 

3. Air filling system

It is also necessary to have a free air filling system  at every petrol pump . There is an air pump installed on every petrol pump, where the work of filling air in the tires is done. No one can charge you for this. Apart from this, there is also a first aid box and phone facility at the petrol pump.

4. Phone facility (Emergency Call)

Suppose, if you face any emergency and your mobile phone or mobile network is not working, then you can take advantage of this emergency facility at the petrol pump. Every petrol pump has landline and mobile phone facilities and can be used in case of any emergency. 

5. First Aid Kit

It is very important to keep a first aid kit (First Aid Kit compulsory on petrol pump)  at every petrol pump . In this, along with bandages, ointments, basic medicines like painkillers and paracetamol are kept. Apart from this, in case of an accident, first aid facility is also available at the petrol pump.