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MP News: After 42.6 degree heat, rain in the evening, mercury dropped at night, indication of pre-monsoon

MP Monsoon News:  Before the onset of monsoon in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, Mawathe has given a hint of pre-monsoon. Monsoon has started its activities. Saturday was the hottest day of this summer season. 

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According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature was recorded at 42.6 degrees. Earlier in the same month, the temperature had reached 42 degrees on 4th, 42.5 degrees on 7th and 42.5 degrees on 17th. 

Although in the evening

In Madhya Pradesh, the wind started blowing strong in the evening and there was moderate and heavy rain in some places in the city. A drop of 2.9 degrees was recorded in the night temperature in 24 hours. 

According to the Meteorological Department, the Western Disturbance is located in the form of a trough in the north at 27 degrees north latitude and 56 degrees east longitude, which is making its axis at a height of 58 km above sea level amidst the westerly winds of the middle troposphere.

Monsoon signs before the season 

In view of such intense heat, it is being estimated that this time the monsoon will arrive before the season, this is the reason for the sudden increase in heat, then the rains will start or have already started somewhere.