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Mannara Chopra Biography: 'Barbie Handa' aka Mannara Chopra, who is Priyanka's cousin, her parents do this work

Mannara Chopra Biography: Mannara Chopra, the superhit actress from Bigg Boss 17. The real name of Mannara Chopra, who is often in the news for her expressions, is Barbie Handa. Let us tell you the profile of Mannara Chopra today. Know who Mannara Chopra is, what she does, what is her relation with Priyanka and all other important things.

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The Kalamkar News, The real name of Mannara Chopra, who reached the final in 'Bigg Boss 17', is Barbie Handa. Who also has connections with Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra. 

This is the reason why most people ask on Google that Mannara Chopra is connected to Priyanka. So let us tell you everything from Mannara Chopra's biography, work, family to age.

Most people know 34-year-old Mannara Chopra because of Bigg Boss 17. Although she has done a lot of work before this also. Has worked as a lead from South to OTT. But he got fame from Salman Khan's reality show. 

Mannara Chopra's age and personal life:

Mannara Chopra's real name is Barbie Handa. He changed the name to Mannara. But her nature is still like that of Barbie. Like Parineeti, Mannara Chopra was also born in Ambala Cantt. He did his schooling from New Delhi and then graduated in BBA.

What do Mannara Chopra's father and mother do?

 Mannara Chopra's father is Raman Rai Handa, who is a lawyer by profession. Her mother Kamini Chopra Handa is a jewelery designer. At the same time, Mannara has a sister-in-law whom you might have seen in Bigg Boss, Mithali Handa. Who is a fashion stylist.

What is Mannara's relationship with Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti?

Now let's come to Mannara Chopra's relationship with Priyanka Chopra. Actually, Kamini is the sister of Priyanka's father Ashok Chopra and Parineeti's father Pawan Chopra. Whose daughter is Mannara. From this relationship, Priyanka became Mannara's cousin sister.

Mannara Chopra's career

Mannara Chopra made her debut in the year 2014 with the film 'Zid' where she was seen as 'Maya'. After this, two years later she appeared in a Telugu film 'Prema Geema Jantha Ne'. In the year 2021, Mannara made her OTT debut where she was seen in 'Haal-e-Dil on Broken Notes'.