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Love affair: Lovers used to meet secretly, villagers caught them red handed and got them married

love affair news: Every day we get to hear such incidents which are surprising to know about. Here, the lovers who came to worship in the temple, took away the fear of the world and started having fun and then the villagers saw them doing so and without informing their families, they got them married. Let us know the whole matter in details 

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The Kalamkar News, New Delhi: Lucky is the one who finds his love. On Monday (February 19) in Munger, Bihar, a lover and girlfriend got married in a way that will be remembered. The matter is of Devghara village of Tetiya Bamber block of Munger. People caught a couple meeting secretly. After this, both of them got married in Baba Uchheshwarnath Mahadev temple.

It is being told that Kumari Bharti, resident of a village in Tetiya Bamber block, was having a love affair with Sampurnanand Kumar of Sultanganj. 

Both of them often met secretly. Meanwhile the villagers caught him. Then information was given to Panchayat head Suresh Yadav, Panchayat committee Mithun Kumar, chief representative Ajit Kumar alias Munna Yadav. After the information, the Panchayat head and other public representatives reached the temple.

Lover and girlfriend accepted each other

The young man in love told that we both have loved each other for many years. After listening to the young man's words, the public representatives asked the girl and she also said yes. After this the marriage took place here. At present this marriage is being discussed in the surrounding locality. After the marriage, the young man's family members were also informed about this.

Lovers and girlfriends had gone to worship in the temple

It is said that the lovers had come to Uchheshwar Nath Mahadev temple to worship. After performing puja, they started having fun in the Panchayat's Vikas Bhawan, then the villagers caught both of them. The lover has been working as a trackman in the railways in Itarsi since 2019.

Lover Sampurnanand told that his first meeting with his girlfriend was in Itarsi. There his cousins ​​worked in the railways. His cousin is married to his girlfriend's sister. That's where both of them met for the first time. From then on love started. The young man in love said that in 2019 we both had sworn that we would live together. It is completed today. Villagers and public representatives became wedding guests in this wedding.