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Indian Railways: Now these railway passengers will not get this benefit on tickets, there is a big change in the rules of Railways

Indian Railways New Rule: If you also often travel by train with your children, then this news (Railways rules) is for you. Let us tell you, Indian Railways changes the rules from time to time so that passengers do not face any kind of inconvenience. 

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Breaking News, Digital Desk- If a child takes half ticket during train journey, he will not get the benefit of alternative insurance scheme (train ticket insurance). According to IRCTC, the benefit of insurance will be available only after booking the seat by paying the full fare. 

Also, IRCTC (IRCTC Update) has increased the per passenger premium of Rail Passenger Optional Insurance to 45 paise from April 1. Earlier it was 35 paise.

According to the IRCTC document, the benefit of Rail Passenger (Train Ticket) Optional Insurance Scheme will be available only to the passengers who book e-tickets. 

That is, the insurance scheme will not be applicable on tickets purchased from railway ticket counters, private railway booking counters or brokers. 

This facility will be applicable on confirmed, RAC tickets (railway ticket facilities) of all train classes AC-1,2,3, sleeper, berth etc. Railway passengers on waiting list will not be eligible for the insurance scheme.

option has to be chosen

While booking tickets online, the railway passenger has to choose the option of insurance scheme. After this, a message comes from the insurance company on the mobile and e-mail ID of the railway passenger. Even if for some reason the train is run on a changed route, the passenger will get insurance cover (how to book ticket online). 

Passengers will also get insurance benefits in alternative train booking. If due to unavoidable reasons the Railways transports the passengers to their destination by road, even in such a situation the passengers will be eligible for insurance benefits. Insurance cover on tickets, if the claim is made in the absence of an heir, the insurance claim will be granted from the court.

Insurance is worth Rs 10 lakh

It is known that in case of death of a railway passenger, Rs 10 lakh, Rs 7.5 lakh in case of partial disability and Rs 2 lakh are given to the dependent in case of treatment of injured in the hospital (Railway insurance). Apart from this, Rs 10 thousand is paid for road transport.

27.30 crore passengers got insurance in the year 2019-20

According to the report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways, in 2018-19, 34.40 crore railway passengers got insured and the insurance companies received Rs 8.53 crore as premium. 

In the year 2019-20, 27.30 crore passengers paid Rs 13.38 crore as insurance premium. Whereas insurance companies made claim payments of Rs 6.12 crore in 2018-19 and Rs 3.73 crore in 2019-20.

It was started in 2016

Railway Passenger Optional Insurance Scheme was launched in September 2016. At that time, the insurance premium per passenger was 0.92 paise, which was paid by the government itself. 

In August 2018, the premium was reduced to 0.42 paise per passenger and the burden was passed on to the passengers. Later it was reduced again.