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If you want to live long, then start studying from today, studying one year extra will increase your lifespan by 2%

Researchers at Lancet Public Health believe that people should adopt some habit related to education, because according to a recent research, people who are more educated have less risk of dying early. goes.

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The Kalamkar News, New Delhi: You must have often heard that people who have good eating habits live longer. At the same time, people who do not have good food or are addicted to any drug, their lifespan is generally much less than other people. Most of the drug addicts become victims of some disease or the other and die prematurely. 

That is why it is said that people who adopt better daily routine like nutritious food, good sleep, less stress and yoga etc. can live longer. 

But if we tell you that more educated people live longer than less educated people, then perhaps you will be surprised for a moment and do not believe us, but the researchers of Lancet Public Health We believe that we should adopt a habit which is related to studies. Researchers at Lancet Public Health say this because a recent research has proved that people who are more educated, live longer.

Actually, 59 countries were analyzed to study the relationship between education and mortality. In the analysis done, it has been found that people who have received education die at a later date than the rest.

At the same time, by studying one year more, the lifespan of a person increases by 2 percent. Let us tell you that according to the research, the risk of dying early was 34% less among people who had studied in college. 

Dr. Emmanuella of Washington University says that the death rate of people with less education increases as much as those who drink more than 5 drinks a day.