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Good scheme of Post Office, you can earn Rs 9250 every month for 5 years

Post Office - Today in this news we are going to tell you about such a tremendous scheme of Post Office. In which you can earn Rs 9,250 every month for five years. In such a situation, let us know the complete details related to this scheme in the news below. 

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The Kalamkar News , Post Office Scheme: For middle class individuals who depend on monthly salary to meet living expenses, monthly expenses have the effect of going up and down. 

Especially at the end of the month, problems related to money are the biggest. Here you are being told the same method in which you can earn monthly income. This is a scheme in which you will get money every month on your income, which will act as a second income for you.

You will get income every month-

There are many schemes in the post office including Monthly Income Scheme. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme gives you guaranteed income every month. 

Under this scheme, individuals can open an account singly or jointly with their spouse. By depositing money once, investors get a fixed income every month.

You will get Rs 9,250-

Individuals can deposit a maximum of Rs 9 lakh in a personal account and Rs 15 lakh in a joint account. The minimum deposit period is five years. 

In this, the money received on interest is received every month. Joint account holder can earn extra monthly income up to Rs 9,250 by depositing Rs 15 lakh. By depositing Rs 9 lakh in this, you will get monthly interest amount of Rs 5500.

You will get interest of 7.4 percent-

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is giving 7.4 percent interest annually. Apart from this, the account can also be opened in the name of a child. A maximum of three persons can jointly operate one account. 

To register for the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme, individuals need to visit their nearest post office with address proof, photo identity card, Aadhar card, PAN card and two passport size photographs.

Lock in period is of 5 years-

In this the income remains locked for five years. You can withdraw money in emergency after one year of opening the account. Early withdrawals within one to three years attract a deduction of 2 per cent from the total deposit, while withdrawals made after three years but before five years are charged 1 per cent. 

The entire amount is returned on maturity after five years. Investors can also increase the investment again for five years. You can reduce the financial stress of every month through Post Office Monthly Scheme. This is the most reliable option in which people get financial stability.