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Farmer's crop will no longer get spoiled, keep fruits and vegetables fresh with the help of this device

Micro cooling chamber:  Farmers are being given a subsidy of Rs 6.5 lakh from the state government for micro cooling chamber run on solar panels. Farmers will get more benefits from this. Farmers will no longer face the problem of crop failure

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The Kalamkar News,Horticulture Department: The government is implementing many beneficial schemes for the farmers. Through this, the equipment required for farming is being made available to the farmers at low prices. The special thing is that the government is giving huge subsidy to the farmers for this. 

Also, the state government is giving a subsidy of Rs 6.5 lakh to farmers making micro cooling chambers run on solar panels. Farmers will get more benefits from this. 

Farmers will not suffer crop loss due to this equipment. Farmers will be able to keep their produce in the cooling chamber for a long time. So that they can sell their crops in the market and get good prices for their crops in the market.

Solar panel micro cooling chamber is a type of refrigerator. We can keep milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables etc. fresh for many days in the refrigerator. 

Micro cooling chamber is also made from solar panels. In this, farmers get the facility to keep perishable produce for a long time. 

Especially vegetables and fruits which start spoiling within a day or two, can be kept fresh for a long time by keeping them in the solar panel micro cooling chamber. The special thing is that it runs on solar energy, which saves electricity to the farmers.

Government is giving fifty percent grant

Assistant Director of District Horticulture Department, Tabassum Parveen said that the government is giving unit cost subsidy of up to 50 percent to solar panel micro cooling chambers. The state government has spent Rs 13 lakh to build a micro cooling chamber. 

Under this scheme, on which fifty percent subsidy is being given, you can get a subsidy of six lakh six thousand rupees for making a micro cooling chamber. By making solar panel micro cooling chamber, farmers will not be afraid that their crops will get spoiled soon, especially fruits and vegetables.

Farmers will have to apply online

Assistant Director Tabassum Parveen said that farmers take their fruits and vegetables to the market due to the fear of them spoiling quickly and sell them at throwaway prices. Which gives them less profit. 

By making micro cooling chambers, farmers can keep their fruits and vegetables safe for a long time. Due to which they can get good profit by selling them when the prices increase. If farmers want to avail the subsidy being given by Bihar Government for Solar Panel Micro Cooling Chamber then they can apply.  

For this you can apply online. Farmers can apply online to avail the benefits of this program at Documents include: 

Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Land Title Letter, Approval Letter in Principle from Bank, Detailed Planning Report (DPR), Approved Map of Cold Store.