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Electricity bill: How much electricity does the TV-fridge in your house consume in a day? Calculate in this easy way

Electricity bill: In the summer season, people use appliances like TV, fridge, cooler and AC at home to protect themselves from the heat. This increases electricity consumption. It is difficult for you to know how many units of electricity these appliances consume. You get an idea of ​​how much electricity these appliances consume when your electricity bill comes at the end of the month. Let us know in the news about those methods by which you can find out how much electricity the TV-fridge installed in the house consumes in a day.

how to check electricity bill

Breaking News, Digital Desk - It is a difficult task to find out how many units of electricity are consumed by  the TV, fridge, cooler or AC installed in the house. It is difficult to find out how much electricity an appliance consumes. 

This becomes known only when the electricity bill comes every month. Even in that, there is no information available about how much electricity was used to run the AC or how many units of electricity were spent on ironing clothes. It is easy to know and this work can be done even sitting at home.

Often electricity consumers  face problems after seeing the electricity bill  . They start wondering why the electricity bill was so high this month. Despite reducing electricity usage ,  how did the bill amount to so much rupees? Such questions arise in the minds of many consumers. 

This question may also come to your mind. If you are a domestic consumer then you would definitely like to know how much electricity is spent on average in a month. You would like to know how much electricity the appliances in your home consume. You would also like to know how to know the electricity bill consumption and what is the solution to save it?

this much electricity will cost

To know this, first understand the meaning of unit. 1 unit means 1 kilowatt per hour i.e. if an appliance of 1000 watts is used for 1 hour then it consumes 1 unit of electricity. You may have LED bulb, fan, AC, TV, fridge, tube light, microwave oven, iron, washing machine, laptop and mixer installed in your house. 

If 3 bulbs of 9 watts each burn for 10 hours, it will consume 270 watts of electricity. Similarly, if 4 fans of 60 watts each are installed in the house and run for 12 hours, then 2880 watts of electricity will be consumed.

If a 1600 watt AC runs for 5 hours, it will consume 8000 watts of electricity. If there is a TV and it runs for 2 hours, it will consume 140 watts of electricity. 

A 200 watt fridge will consume 1600 watts of electricity when it runs for 8 hours. If a 750 watt iron is used for half an hour, it will consume 375 units of electricity. If your 50 watt laptop runs for 2 hours, it will consume 100 watts of power. In this way you can know about the power unit hour wise.

Electricity bill will be this much

Imagine that in a day all the appliances installed in your house consume 15000 watts of electricity. If we divide it by 1000, the result will be 15. 

That means your house consumes 15 units of electricity in a day. It was 450 units for the entire month. The rate of electricity bill is decided depending on whether you live in a rural or urban area. 

According to 450 units, the electricity bill for rural areas will be around Rs 2000 and for urban areas it will be around Rs 2500. In this, the bill is prepared by adding fixed charge and electricity duty.

way to save electricity

Keep electrical appliances that are not in use switched off. If there are many high power appliances installed in the house, do not use them all together. 

Use LED or CFL instead of bulb. Keep the AC temperature around 24 degrees. Do not keep the water heater or geyser on for a long time. Make sure to get the AC and motor serviced from time to time.