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Do not do this mistake with AC, the cold air will remove the junk

AC Trick: Even after running the AC in the room for a long time, the room does not cool down properly. In such situations, people become very worried. In such a situation, people adopt many measures to get coolness from AC again. Even after that there is no result. In this series, today we are going to tell you about some great methods, by following which you can fix the cooling problem of your AC. Let us know -


Digital Desk: When you run AC, you should avoid some mistakes with your air conditioner, otherwise your air conditioner will become useless in a few days. Cold air will not be generated and it will leave you cold. In summer, AC is very important, but people ignore some things about it which they have to regret later. 

Sometimes it also happens that you have to sell the AC as scrap and buy a new one. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your AC so that you can also avoid such problems. Let us know what are the mistakes which you can correct.

AC filter cleaning

Often some people do not clean the air conditioner filter for a long time. As a result, dust accumulation on the filter reduces the air flow of the air conditioner. Due to this, the compressor has to bear more load for cooling and the room does not get coolness. If the filter is not cleaned, the compressor may get damaged. Therefore, it is extremely important to clean the filter at least once every season.

work in low temperature

To get relief in summer, people often make the mistake of running the AC on the lowest temperature setting. Doing this suddenly puts more pressure on the AC's compressor, which can reduce its cooling efficiency in long-term use.

Don't always keep the AC on

Many people do not switch off electrical appliances while leaving home and do the same with AC. However, due to improper functioning, the electrical components of the AC may become weak and this may also reduce the life span of the AC. 
Therefore, the AC should be switched off correctly along with all the electrical appliances. With this, you can avoid extra electricity charges in your house and also give some time to your AC to function properly. This will also reduce your electricity bill.

Do not keep doors and windows open

An important tip for good cooling of AC is that you should keep the doors and windows of the room closed while running the AC. If you leave the doors open then the AC air keeps flowing out due to which the cooling of the AC fails and you need to change the settings again.

Additionally, keeping the doors open increases the load on the AC which can reduce its life span. Therefore, to increase the cooling of the AC, you are advised to keep the doors and windows closed. This is a simple solution that can help you save on AC cooling as well as extra electricity expenses.