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Bank Holidays: Banks are going to be closed for so many days from today, check the list of holidays now

Bank Holiday List: If you also have any important work related to the bank, then complete it on time today itself. Let us tell you, banks are going to remain closed for a few consecutive days from tomorrow. And your work may also get stuck due to bank holidays. In such a situation, it is very important for you to know when the banks will open next week. Let us quickly know the complete list-

bank holiday in 2024

The Kalamkar News, Digital Desk- Today banks are going to remain closed in this state of the country. Today is Bihar Day on 22 March 2024, due to which there will be a holiday in the state of Bihar.

All government and private sector banks are going to remain closed in Bihar. However, banks will remain open in all the states of the country. This time Holi is being celebrated in the country on Monday 25 March 2024. Due to Holi, public and private sector banks will be closed in most of the states of the country.

Bank Holiday List in March 2024 

  • 22 March, Friday, Bihar Diwas
  • March 23, Saturday, fourth Saturday of the month across India
  • March 24, Sunday, weekend bank holiday across India
  • March 25, Monday, Holi (2nd day) – Dhuleti/Dol Jatra/Dhulandi Many states
  • 26 March, Tuesday, 2nd day/Holi Odisha, Manipur and Bihar (manipur bank holiday)
  • March 29, Friday, Good Friday in many states
  • March 31, Sunday, will be a Sunday holiday across India.

Banks will remain closed on these dates on Holi

According to the RBI holiday calendar, there will be a holiday in banks in Bihar on March 22 due to Bihar Day. After this, there will be a holiday in banks across the country on March 23 due to the fourth Saturday. 

Banks are going to remain closed on 24th March on Sunday holiday. Banks are going to remain closed in different states on March 25, 26 and 27 due to Holi. In such a situation, there will be a holiday in banks from March 22 to March 29 in different states of the country.

Banks will open on 31st of next week also

This month i.e. in March, banks are going to remain open on Sunday, 31st. The Reserve Bank of India has directed to open branches for government work on March 31. 

All the banks under RBI are going to be open to the public on this day. Actually this is the last day of the current financial year.

You can take advantage of online services

Banks will be closed today in Bihar, so customers can avail the benefit of online services on this day. If you have bank related work on holidays, then you can avail the online service sitting at home. 

Despite bank holidays, all online and ATM services continue. Apart from this, you can also make digital payment through credit card and debit card.