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289 roadways buses in Rajasthan have been reinstated as Sarathi, they were blacklisted due to this reason

Rajasthan News: Big news has come from the Roadways Transport Corporation of Rajasthan for the blacklisted employees, about 290 bus conductors will be reinstated, they were blacklisted for allowing travel without ticket.

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Rajasthan Roadways Rules: About 290 employees were blacklisted by the Roadways Transport Corporation Department in Rajasthan a few days ago. The Rajasthan Roadways Department accused these bus conductors of violating several rules including travelling without ticket. They were blacklisted in this case. The Rajasthan Roadways Department pays these employees a salary of 15 thousand rupees per month.

Rajasthan Roadways department says that strict action on these employees is necessary as they are running in huge losses, because the Roadways department has also revised the special policy for these conductors, despite this, cases of travelling without ticket are still coming to light, in view of these cases, the Roadways department had blacklisted these colleagues, now these colleagues will be reinstated and will be given the command of bus operation again.

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They used to do this to not show the record of many passengers 

Rajasthan Roadways Department gives targets to its conductors. Rajasthan Roadways Department has kept a limit on the number of passengers in its buses. The driver allows extra passengers to travel in the bus without ticket. 

In such a case, these drivers are caught during inspection by the flying squad of the Roadways Department, because they take fare from the passengers but do not give them tickets to show new records.

This is the rule for bus conductor

1- If three cases of one to four passengers travelling without ticket are found, the bus conductor will be blacklisted. The security amount deposited with the corporation is confiscated. The bus conductor is ineligible to work for three months. After three months, he can apply again only after depositing double the amount of the previously deposited security amount with the corporation. 

2- If 5 to 9 passengers are found without tickets, the bus conductor will be blacklisted and the entire security amount will be confiscated. He will be ineligible to work for six months. After this , he can apply again after depositing
double the amount of the previously deposited security amount. 

3- If 10 or more passengers travel without ticket, the security amount deposited with the corporation will be confiscated. The bus rider will be ineligible for one year. After one year, one can apply again by depositing double the amount deposited earlier.

General Secretary, INTUC Hanuman Sahay Bhardwaj said, instead of employing private employees, the roadways should hand over the command of these buses to its conductors. Conductors are sitting idle in many depots. On one hand this will save the expenses of the roadways and on the other hand the income will also increase.

Executive Director Traffic Roadways said, there were no rules earlier

Executive Director Traffic Roadways Jyoti Chauhan said that earlier there were no rules. Now rules have been made in the policy. 

This time if caught, the security amount will be confiscated. You can start working again with double the amount. For this you will have to apply again. Apart from this, the responsibility of the Chief Manager has been fixed.