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Who has the most gold: This person has the most gold in the world, know how many kilos he owns

Biggest Gold Owner in India:  Nowadays, most people like to invest in gold. Indian people consider it auspicious to buy gold on weddings or festivals. But do you know who has the most gold in the world? If you don't know, then let us tell you who has the largest gold reserves...

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The Kalamkar News, digital Desk- New Delhi:  You must have heard the famous song 'Sona Kitna Sona Hai' from Govinda's film 'Hero No. 1', but do you know who owns the most gold in India? So much gold that if he wants, he can build Lanka of gold. 
The answer to this question is- Indian families. According to the report of the World Gold Council, Indian families have the largest gold reserves in the world.

How much gold do Indian families have?

Most of the gold is transferred from generation to generation. Apart from this, Indian families have a tradition of giving gold on auspicious occasions like marriage. 

Women have been receiving gold as inheritance for centuries. According to estimates, Indian families have about 25000 tonnes (about 22679618 kg) of gold.

Somasundaram, director of World Gold Council India, says that according to a study of 2020-21, Indian families then had 21-23000 tonnes of gold. 

Now (by 2023) it has increased to around 24-25000 tonnes. This is so much gold that it is around 40 percent of India's total GDP (gold influence on GDP).

According to a report by OxfordGoldGroup, Indian families alone have 11% of the world's gold. This is more than the total gold reserve of the US, Switzerland, Germany and the IMF.

Who is second in the world?

This is about India. Do you know who owns the most gold in the world? The answer is the Saudi royal family. According to the report of 'Global Bullion Supplier', the Saudi royal family bought a lot of gold from the oil earnings in the 1920s and owns hundreds of tons of gold.

However, the Saudi royal family (Saudi king family has maximum gold) has never clearly stated how much gold they have.

Number three

American investor John Paulson is at number three in this list. According to media reports, Paulson has invested heavily in gold.

When the price of gold was low, he bought tons of gold. Between 2011 and 2013, when the price of gold was skyrocketing, Paulson earned $5 billion from gold.

Number four

Canadian businessman Eric Sprott is fourth in the list of private owners of gold. According to media reports, Sprott has around 10 tonnes of gold. In a way, he can be called the Canadian version of John Paulson.

Which country has the most gold? (Which Country Has the Most Gold Reserves)

This was about private owners. Now let's talk about the countries which have the highest gold reserves. America is at the top of this list. According to the report of Economy and Market, America has 8133.5 metric tons of gold reserves. 75 percent of its foreign reserve is in the form of gold. Germany is at the second place - it has 3359.1 metric tons of gold.

According to Oxford, Germans have invested rapidly in gold in recent years. If we look at the list of gold buyers globally, Germans are at the top.

Italy ranks third in terms of gold reserves and has 2451.8 metric tons of gold. It is followed by France (2436.4 metric tons), Russia (2298.5 metric tons), China (2113.4 metric tons), Switzerland (1040 metric tons) and Japan (846 metric tons).

How much gold reserve does India have?

Talking about India, it is at the ninth position in the world in terms of gold reserves. It has 806.7 metric tons of gold. According to a report by the World Gold Council, India's gold reserves are continuously increasing. 

And if this pace continues, then in a few years it can be included in the top 5. In the year 2001, India had only 357.5 metric tons of gold, which has increased more than 2 times by June 2023.