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UP Mausam: Weather will change again in UP, there will be rain in these areas, IMD gave information

UP Mausam Today - Once again the weather is going to take a U turn in Uttar Pradesh. Clouds have started camping in the sky and strong cold winds are blowing in the state since evening due to which winter is being felt. Recently the Meteorological Department has issued an alert in many districts of the state. It is being told that in the coming days there may be rain and thunder at many places. Let us know- 

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The Kalamkar News (Bureau). The weather has once again taken a turn in Uttar Pradesh (UP Ka Mausam). The weather has changed in many districts including the capital Lucknow since Wednesday night. 

Strong wind has been blowing in Lucknow since evening. Not only this, there is also a slight chill in the air. The weather is going to be clear on March 21. 

However, during this period at some places 25 to 35 km. Winds can blow at speeds up to 1 hour per hour. In this way, before the festival of Holi in the coming days, the weather of UP will remain changeable.

Know how the weather will be in UP - 

According to the weather update, the weather is likely to remain dry in the state on March 21. However, during this period, strong winds with a speed of 25 to 35 kilometers per hour are expected in western and eastern UP. 

At the same time, on March 22, the weather may remain dry in western and eastern UP. The weather is expected to remain clear in the state on March 23 also. Thus, there is no warning of any kind in any part of the state on March 22 and 23. During this period, there will be strong sunshine during the day and mild cold at night.

The weather will change again in the state on 25th- 

  1. There is a possibility of rain at some places in the state on March 24 (up weather). According to the Meteorological Department, there may be rain and thundershowers at some places in western Uttar Pradesh on March 24. 
  2. However, the weather is expected to remain dry in eastern UP during this period. With this, the weather in the state will again become normal on March 25. The weather is likely to remain dry in western and eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh on March 25. Also, on March 26, the weather is expected to remain clear in Western and Eastern UP.