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UP Ka Mausam: Hail will fall with heavy rain in UP for the next two to three days, IMD issued alert

Weather update - Once again a change in weather has been seen in UP. Movement of clouds has started in the state. According to the Meteorological Department (Mausam update), there is a possibility of heavy rain and hailstorm along with thunderstorms. At the same time, there has been snowfall in the mountains due to which the air is feeling cold. Let us know for how many days the weather will remain bad- 

mosam alert

The Kalamkar News (Bureau). UP Ke Mausam ka Haal - Due to re-activation of western disturbance in UP, the weather will change in many districts including the capital from today. 

There are chances of strong wind and drizzle along with clouds. Meteorologists have predicted moderate rain with strong wind, thunder and lightning in the next two to three days.

Hail alert also

There is also a possibility of hailstorm at isolated places in western Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. Senior meteorologist Atul Kumar Singh said that this change in the weather will occur due to the reaction of moist air coming from the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea and the tropospheric westerly wind. The weather will remain changed till 22 February.

chances of rain today

The weather pattern will change from Monday, there may be rain along with cloud cover. There are chances of rain along with cloud cover for four days, storm may also occur. 

There was strong sunshine during the day on Sunday, due to which the maximum temperature crossed 29 degrees Celsius. For the last 10 days, with the morning temperature rising, there is strong sunlight in the afternoon.

The temperature increased since Sunday morning, the minimum temperature was recorded at 10.4 degrees Celsius. There was bright sunshine during the day. 

The weather department has predicted that it will start becoming cloudy from Monday and it may rain two to three times a day. 

It may remain cloudy with the arrival of storm on Tuesday, there is also a possibility of rain. There will be rain with cloudy sky till 22nd February, from 24th February the clouds will clear up and there will be sunshine.