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Property Document: Before buying property, definitely check these important documents, otherwise trouble will arise

Important documents of property - House is the need of every person today and everyone wants to have his own roof over his head. As cities are developing. Similarly, the demand for houses is also increasing. And along with this, property fraud has also reached its peak. Every day we hear such incidents where some or the other case related to property fraud takes place. Our aim is to save you from becoming a victim of such fraud. If you are also going to buy a property then definitely check these documents once. 

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The Kalamkar News (Bureau). Before buying a property, many things have to be kept in mind so that one does not have to suffer any kind of loss in the future.

Let us tell you that while buying a property, many documents should also be taken care of because if you do not take care of these documents while buying a property, then you may have to face problems. In this article we will tell you which documents you should check while buying a property.

Check these documents before buying property- 

Let us tell you that if you are going to buy a property (Property Document) by taking a loan from the bank, then you will have to take care of the loan paper. 

Along with this, whatever property you are going to buy, you should check whether there is any kind of loan on the property or not. If there is any kind of loan on the property, then you should also keep a copy of that paper so that you do not have to face any kind of problem in future.

Check layout paper and registry paper

Let us tell you that if you do not check the layout paper of the property, then you may not get complete information related to the property, hence you should check the layout papers carefully. 

You should also check the registry paper properly because this will give you proof that the property is legal. You can get these papers verified at the sub-registrar office of the nearest district.

Construction clearance certificate is also necessary

Let us tell you that if you check the Construction Clearance Certificate and No Objection Certificate, it will verify that there is no objection of any kind on the property, but if you do not take care of this document while buying the property. If so, you may face problems later, so you must check this document.

Know who has the right on the property?

You should also check the title and sale deed before buying a property so that you know who has the owner's right on the property you are going to buy and if any property is being built on that land. 

If it has happened, is it legally verified or not? Apart from this, you should also buy the property after checking the occupancy certificate.