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Now 50 km long track of new railway line will be laid here in UP, 1 city junction will be built, survey started

UP News: Now a new railway line will be laid in another district in UP. The distance of this railway line is 50 kilometers. At the same time, a city will also be made a railway junction which will benefit the people. Railways is continuously constructing many railway lines to improve connectivity in Uttar Pradesh.

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The Kalamkar News, There is a good news for the people associated with The Chopal (UP) Chola and Khurja Junction area. The state's largest airport being built in Jewar will be connected to Chola station with Khurja Junction on the Delhi-Howrah rail route. 

To link Chola station with Jewar Airport and create a junction, a 50 km railway line will be laid till Rundhi in Haryana. North Central Railway (NCR) has started basic survey along with preparation of DPR.

Khurja Junction and Chola railway stations operate in the district. Which fall in North Central Railway (NCR) region. Jewar is adjacent to Khurja Junction and Chola Railway Station. Where Noida International Airport Jewar is under construction for the last several years. 

To make the airport a multi-modal transport hub, metro, local and interstate bus stations and railway terminals will be constructed here. 

According to railway officials, the railway terminal will be constructed in the airport premises itself. For this, North Central Railway (NCR) is preparing a project to connect Chola station to Rundhi in Haryana. With its connection, Chola station will be converted into a junction and the construction of the junction will provide a lot of relief to the people of the area.

You will get benefits for going to Delhi and other places

Being a Khurja Junction, most of the trains do not stop at Chola Railway Station. People of Chola area have to descend to Khurja, after that they come back to Chola. After the construction of the junction, all major trains will have stops here. People across the district will benefit from this. 

There is no direct train to go from Bulandshahr to Delhi. A train is operating at 5:20 am via Hapur-Pilkhuwa and Ghaziabad, which takes people more than three hours to travel the one-hour journey. 

The traders of the district will also benefit from this. He will be able to bring his business goods to Chola. The distance from Bulandshahr to Chola station is only 10 kilometers. Apart from Delhi Ghaziabad, people will get benefits to go to other big cities including Kanpur, Prayagraj. many in the country

Railway line will be linked to big cities

According to railway officials, the railway line connecting Rundhi in Haryana will also connect to Delhi-Mumbai railway line and Delhi-Kolkata railway line. 

With the benefit of this, trains going from Hazrat Nizamuddin, Faridabad towards Prayagraj, Kanpur and Howrah will operate via Jewar-Chola. 

At the same time, trains from New Delhi, Anand Vihar to Mumbai and South India will operate from Ghaziabad via Chola and Jewar. 

At the same time, the railway link will also cross the Yamuna Expressway. With this, there will be connectivity with cities like Aligarh, Mathura, Agra, Jhansi and Kanpur as well as Prayagraj etc.

Survey started, DPR will be made soon

Senior PRO of North Central Railway, Dr. Amit Malvi said that North Central Railway Prayagraj has started the survey to lay a 50 km long new railway line to connect Chola to Rundhi in Haryana. 

The survey will be completed soon. After completion of the survey, a detailed project report (DPR) will be prepared. CPRO of North Central Railway Himanshu Shekhar Upadhyay said that North Central Railway Prayagraj has started the survey for laying a new railway line from Chola station to Rundhi in Haryana via Jewar Airport. DPR will be prepared soon.