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Nitish Kumar News: What will happen in Bihar? Why did CM Nitish Kumar suddenly reach Raj Bhavan?

Bihat Politics: What is going to happen in Bihar? Discussions were going on for the last several days. Political turmoil increased in Patna this cold morning. After the government program, CM Nitish Kumar went directly to the Governor at Raj Bhavan. Later it came to light that he had discussed cabinet expansion. 

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The Kalamkar News, Bihar News: Political turmoil once again increased in Bihar today. CM Nitish Kumar suddenly arrived to meet the Governor. Finance Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary also went to Raj Bhavan with him. 

The timing of this meeting is important. There was speculation for many days that Nitish might take some big decision. He has done this before also. Today when he reached Raj Bhavan, questions started arising whether he can change sides once again? 

The special thing is that in the government program organized on the birth anniversary of Netaji, the CM and the Governor garlanded each other and went straight to Raj Bhavan from there.

This development is being seen at a time when the 2024 Lok Sabha elections are near. There has been no agreement regarding seats in the opposition alliance and reports of Nitish being angry have been coming for a long time. 

After a few days, Rahul Gandhi is going to come to Bihar on his visit, many news are coming about Nitish Kumar's participation in it. 

However, JDU has said that no formal invitation has been given. BJP is creating different pressure. Today, the sudden visit of CM Nitish to meet the Governor of Bihar is creating many apprehensions. 

At 12:15 pm, JDU tweeted some pictures of Nitish Kumar which were taken some time ago. In this, the Governor, CM Nitish and Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav are seen on the stage in a government program.

Actually, the temperature of Bihar politics seems to be rising these days. After taking command of JDU, Nitish Kumar has taken many big decisions. The entire team has changed. Many old faces and people close to Lalan Singh have been removed. 

A few days ago, in an interview, Home Minister Amit Shah had indicated that if the old partner wants to come, it will be considered. 

However, before coming to Raj Bhavan today, there was no expression of concern on Nitish Kumar's face in the government program. He was greeting people with a smile. Suddenly when he entered the Raj Bhavan at quarter to 12, there was a stir. He kept talking to the Governor for about 45 minutes.

Plan for cabinet expansion?

Quoting sources, it has been learned that the CM has discussed cabinet expansion with the Governor. However, Nitish did not talk to the media.