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Indian Money: Big update regarding Rs 100 notes, they will be out of circulation on this day

Rs 100 notes banned- You all know that the news of Rs 500 and Rs 2 thousand notes being banned was revealed. But recently a big update has come regarding Rs 100 note. It is being told that the news of Rs 100 note being banned on this day has come out, so let us know how much truth is there in this..

old 100 rs note

The Kalamkar News, New Delhi: A claim is going viral on social media that old Rs 100 notes will soon be banned. This is also being said by quoting the Reserve Bank of India in the viral claim.

That old notes can be exchanged till March 31, 2024 because after this their legal validity will end and they will not be accepted.

User @nawababrar131 had posted on social media platform A photo of an old Rs 100 note has also been shared in the post. Along with this he wrote, 'This old Rs 100 note is going to be discontinued soon. RBI has fixed March 31, 2024 as the last date for exchanging notes.

What is the truth of the viral claim?

After fact-checking, this viral claim turned out to be completely wrong. No such circular has been issued by the government or RBI in which it has been claimed that old Rs 100 notes are going to be discontinued. 

To verify the viral claim, we searched related news on Google, but did not find any such news on any platform. After this we checked the official website of RBI. No notification or press release regarding the claim was found on the website.

What is the post of 2018?

There is no such information available anywhere on the social media handles of RBI. However, a post dated July 19, 2018 is present on RBI's

In which the photo of the new Rs 100 note was shared. It is clearly written in it that old notes will also remain in circulation. It is clear that there is no truth in the viral claim.