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Haryana weathe: Badra will rain heavily in these districts of Haryana, IMD issued alert

Weather update - It has been raining across the country for the last few days. The rain probably provided relief from the harsh cold. But the Meteorological Department has recently issued a rain alert in many districts of Haryana. At the same time, another icy wind has made the weather warmer. The cold has started increasing again.
haryana weather alert

The Kalamkar news: The sunshine in Haryana since morning has provided relief from the cold. At the same time, despite sunshine, people are shivering in Sonipat due to the cold wave running at a speed of 14 km/hour. 

Due to cold wave the temperature is less than seven degrees. The lowest temperature on Thursday was 6.9 degrees. But it has increased since Wednesday. Due to cold wave, the air quality index becomes continuously green. AQI was 82 at 9 am.

Cold winds increased the cold- 

It was sunny in Ambala since morning. The sun and strong wind troubled me. It was cold in the morning due to the wind. The drop in night temperatures has not eased the cold. 

The weather will remain dry and windy till February 9. There is good sunshine in Rewari since morning. There is less chance of rain today. 

The Meteorological Department said that there may be changeable weather. The weather changed suddenly after Wednesday afternoon. The highest temperature was 21 °C, and the lowest was 9 °C.

It may rain on this day- 

The sun came out in Panipat on Thursday morning. There is no feeling of heat in the bright sun blowing at a speed of 13 kilometers per hour. 

The minimum temperature was 6 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature was 19 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists said that the weather will remain normal for two days. 

There will probably be drizzle on 11th December. There was light fog in Karnal in the morning, but since morning there has been sunshine and cool winds.