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Habitat and India International Center will be built on 300 acres in this district of Uttar Pradesh, parking facility on 75 acres

UP News: Many new townships are being developed in Uttar Pradesh. In which district of Madhya Pradesh, the Very Best of Indian International Center will be built on 300 acres of land. 

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Uttar Pradesh News: Noida Airport of Uttar Pradesh is the dream project of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The construction work of this airport is being done very fast. As soon as air travel starts at the airport, lakhs of passengers will come and go here. After the inauguration of Noida Airport, more than 100 companies are going to open here. 

Noida Authority has prepared a special plan for all kinds of facilities at Jewar Airport. Yamuna Authority will develop Habitat Center, India International Center, Coffee House in Sector 9 near Noida Airport. 

Coffee House will also be constructed along with the International Center. Keeping in view the traffic facility, parking facility will be built in 75 acres. 

Coffee House will also be built along with India International Center and Habitat Center in about 300 acres. Also, there will be parking in 75 acres in Sector-9. 

Development is being carried out at a rapid pace in Sector 9. A coffee house will also be built along with the centre being developed on 300 acres. In the coffee house, special care will be taken to provide all kinds of amenities to the people.

The CEO said that work is going on at a very fast pace at Noida International Airport Jewar. Soon airplanes will start flying from Jewar Airport. 

Hundreds of companies will open the day Jewar Airport opens. The CEO said that Noida Airport is also the dream of Yogi Adityanath.