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Elista: This new AC is available cheap, 10 years warranty also, buy before summer

Elistra's Made in India Smart AC has been introduced in India. This is an AC inverter which has many technology features. It includes cutting edge innovations, blue fin technology and latest technology. Let us know about this in detail.

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The Kalamkar News: Ellista's new AC series has been launched in India. Actually, AC will be required in the coming few months. So Elista is ready. 

It has introduced a series of 4-1 combined inverter ACs. This is a made in India inverter AC. It includes innovation and technology features. The air conditioner comes in Turbo Cool Power Chill mode. Ellistar Air Conditioner is equipped with Blue Fin Technology.

The company claims that the latest technology has been used in Elista AC. The company has introduced three ACs. Inverter technology has been used in AC. 

Also energy efficient cooling. The AC has the latest chipset. The EL-SAC18-3INVBP and EL-SAC12-3INVBP AC Inverter Split come with a 10-year warranty on the compressor, while the EL-SAC18-3FSBP AC Inverter Split comes with a 5-year warranty.

The AC comes with three-in-one anti-virus HD filter support with HealthMax technology, which circulates clean and healthy indoor air. 

There is an option of slim mode, in which the wind speed increases or decreases accordingly, which is visible on the LED display. This is why temperature and sleeping conditions are found in auto mode. The A/C has a variety of cooling features like cooling modes, auto restart, 24 hour duration, error alarm, self diagnosis and auto protection.

Price and Offers

  • Elista EL-SAC18 3INVBP 1.5 Ton Slipsided AC Inverter Air Conditioner is priced at Rs 49,990.
  • Elista EL-SAC12-3INVBP 1 Ton Split Inverter Air Conditioner is priced at Rs 44,490.
  • Elilsta EL-SAC18-3FSBP 1.5 Split AC Fixed Air Condition is priced at Rs 52,990.