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Electric Luna has been launched, will run 110 Km on one charge

E-Luna Kinetic Green Energy: Kinetic Green is going to release its popular moped e-luna today. The company started booking on January 26, 2024. Its token value is five hundred rupees.

Electrical bike

The Kalamkar News, (New Delhi): Kinetic Green is about to release its popular moped e-luna today. The company started booking on January 26, 2024. 

The company will also sell this electric moped on its e-commerce platforms Flipkart and Amazon. Customers have responded well to this so far. The company had to stop booking on the very first day. The company has started booking at a token price of Rs 500.

Features and characteristics of e-Luna

According to the information available on the e-commerce website, currently it can be purchased in one Ocean Blue color only. The company has given a two kilowatt capacity lithium ion battery pack in it. 

There is also a 2 watt motor. It can run 110 km on a single charge. Apart from this, its maximum speed will be 50 km/h. Additionally, the company will also provide a portable charger. This electric moped can be fully charged in 4 hours. In this the company has used tube tyres.

At present nothing can be said whether it will have a fixed battery or a swappable one. There will be a torque of 22 Nm. Its console has speed, odometer, trip meter, battery SOC, DTE, direction indicator, high beam indicator and ready symbol. 

Filament will be available for turn and tail. It has combi drum brakes at both ends for safety. It has telescopic front and dualshock back suspension.

The E-Luna is 1.985 m long, 0.735 m wide, 1.036 m high and has a wheelbase of 1335 mm. Its curb weight is 96 kg and seat height is 760 mm. 

The total weight of this electric moped is 96 kg. Also, the ground clearance is 170 mm. Its price will be Rs 71,990. Customers can also buy it at a monthly EMI of Rs 2,500. The company has initially set a target of reaching 50 thousand customers.

5000 units will be made per month

Electric Luna (e-Luna) will be a product of Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions, an associate brand of Kinetic Group. The e-Luna will be produced by Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Started making all the assemblies including the chassis.

It is likely to manufacture 5,000 units per month initially. Production will also be increased along with demand. A separate assembly series has been created for the E-Luna. 30 new welding machines were installed on this assembly line for the E Luna. Special paint booth and fabrication has also been setup for this.