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Dulhan news: Bought a bride for Rs 2 lakh with friends, this happened as soon as she got married...

Getting married is a responsible job and people go to great lengths to get married. Some people do love marriage while some people marry as per the choice of their family. In today's time, the popularity of matrimonial websites has also increased. Some people also get cheated on such websites as happened with them. Let us know the whole matter in detail in the news below. 

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The Kalamkar News, New Delhi: Till some time ago, marriages used to be arranged only by acquaintances, but nowadays matrimonial sites have opened up and now work like marriage has started happening online. Some people get benefit from these sites while some people get trapped in fraud. 

A man named Jain Dinesh, living in Jodhpur, Rajasthan (rajasthan news), decided to buy a bride for himself. He came to Varanasi and saw the picture of his future bride. Actually, Dinesh was talking to a person who had promised to introduce him to a good life partner. 

Dinesh was staying with four of his friends in a hotel in Varanasi, where the person showed him the photo of the girl. As soon as he saw the photo, Dinesh got trapped in the man's trap.

After spending two lakh rupees

and liking the girl, the man told Dinesh about the preparations for marriage. The person told that the girl is from a poor family. For this reason, one lakh 95 thousand rupees were taken from Dinesh for the preparations. 

Dinesh even bought the girl's clothes. The girl's mother and two other people came to the court. They got married in the court here.

Scandal after the farewell:

After the marriage, Dinesh started taking his newly-wed wife by auto. But suddenly, before Malviya bridge near Rajghat, another auto came in front of his auto. Before Dinesh could understand anything, the girl jumped into the other auto and the auto sped away from there. 

Dinesh has complained about this in the police station. It is being told that no retained complaint has been registered. The police is investigating only on the basis of verbal complaint.