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Car Tips: Why are there black dots on the front glass of the car, 90 percent people do not know

Car Windshield Black Dots: If you have looked carefully at the front glass of the car, you will have seen some black dots on it. Such dots and black outlines on the glass are made only for design or have some other use. If you are not aware of this then we are giving you information about these black colored dots in this news.

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Digital Desk - No car is made just like that. A large team of engineers and designers  designs   different things keeping every detail in mind. Now take the black dot on the windshield of the car. Many people will not know about these. 

To some people these black dots may seem unnecessary. but it's not like that. Black  dots on the windshield are called windshield frits . These actually prevent the windshield from dislocating and also distribute heat evenly across the windshield.

alant is used to attach the windshield gloss to  the car frame. But, the surface of gloss is quite smooth. The grip of the glue/sealant on it will be weak and over the time period there will be a risk of the windshield getting dislocated. 

To avoid this, windshield frits are provided. These act as contact points between the glass and the car frame. This makes the surface of the glass appear rough, which helps the glue hold the gloss more firmly to the car frame.

Along with this, it also prevents the black dot (windshield frits) sealant from melting. Most parts of India experience hot weather for most of the year. Temperature of 40 to 45 degrees has become quite common. In such a situation, the sealant can melt due to strong sunlight and increase in temperature.

Windshield frits come in handy here too. This prevents the sealant from melting and distributes the heat evenly on the windshield. These also help reduce optical distortion or "lensing". That is, the windshield frits are a very useful thing and must have been made with a lot of thought.