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Bihar Court Decision: After 108 years, the court gave this big decision on the land dispute case

Bihar Ara Court Decision - Cases of disputes regarding distribution and ownership of property keep coming up every day and lakhs of such cases are lying in the cart for years on which no hearing has been done till date. Arrah court of Bihar has given a big verdict on a land dispute case after 108 years. Let us know what is the whole matter in the news below - 

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Breaking News (Bureau). The court of Arrah in Bihar has given its verdict in a land related case after 108 years. Koilwar plaintiff Atul Singh and his family are satisfied with the justice they have received after a century. 

This is the fourth generation of the plaintiff fighting the case, while his lawyer is the third generation. Atul will now go to the SDM court with a copy of the decision of ADJ-7 Shweta Singh to get the land released.

Know the whole matter -

Let us tell you that three acres of land is still fallow on the road from Koilwar to Babura. The legal battle over a total of nine acres of land started 108 years ago in 1914. 

The decision has come in this. This land originally belonged to Nathuni Khan, a resident of Koilwar. During the partition of the country in 1947, his descendants went to Pakistan and two buyers of the land kept fighting the case behind them.

Both buyers kept fighting the case

The original owner of the land, Nathuni Khan, died in the year 1911, after which there was a dispute regarding its partition between his wife Zaitoo Khan, sister Badalan and daughter Bibi Salma. 

After this, a suit was filed in the court in the year 1914. Meanwhile, a shareholder of the land, Late the nobleman of Koilavar. Bought and sold three acres of land to Darbari Singh.

At the same time, another party purchased the entire land from Zaivun Khan's wife. On this a lawsuit started between both the buyers. During this time, the then magistrate ordered the confiscation of the entire nine acres of disputed land on 14 December 1931. 

Then Late. Darbari Singh filed a suit in the court to free the land. On March 17, 1992, the court ordered the release of the land in favor. People from the other party had filed an appeal against this.

termites had licked the papers

Advocates Ganesh Pandey and Satyendra Narayan Singh said that Judge Shweta Singh worked hard to solve such an old case and heard the case continuously even in Corona. Many papers were licked by termites. He connected them somehow and observed them. The case of partition of Muslim family, the case of sale of land by their heirs and the case of Late. Darbari Singh's case was all interconnected.

Atul Singh's great grandfather Late. Darbari Singh had purchased the land and fought the case for almost 40 years. Then his son Late. Rajnarayan Singh moved forward with this case. After him, Atul's father Alakhdev Narayan Singh looked into the case. 

At the same time, late grandfather of advocate Satyendra Narayan Singh who is fighting this case. Shivvrat Narayan Singh, Late. Darbari was Singh's lawyer. After that his son Advocate Late. Badri Narayan Singh fought this case. At the time of decision Late Brodi Narayan's son Satyendra Narayan was looking after the case.