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Alcohol in Steel Glass: Why should alcohol not be consumed in steel glass? Research revealed

Alcohol Drinking: Everyone has their own way of drinking alcohol. Some people like to consume alcohol with soda and some like to consume it with cold drinks. Everyone has their own preference. Most of the people like to drink liquor in glass glasses, but do you know why liquor is not consumed in steel glasses. Recently there was a big revelation in research regarding this...

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The Kalamkar News, New Delhi: Most of the people in our country have made alcohol drinking a part of their daily routine . You must have often seen people drinking liquor, beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages. 

There is no need to tell how much wine or beer means to a person. Usually a person drinks alcohol when he loses something in life or is sad. Apart from this, a lot of jam is also spilled in happiness.

Actually, the smell, taste, intoxication etc. of whiskey or beer attract people towards themselves. Often you might have seen in films or even in general that people do not use steel glasses while drinking alcohol. Instead they use glass. 

Now this question must have come in your mind that why does a peg get formed in the glass even when the alcohol in steel glass is nearby? Today in this article we will tell you what is the reason due to which people prefer to drink liquor in glass glasses instead of steel glasses.

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You have rarely  seen a person drinking alcohol in a steel glass. If we talk about compulsion then it is a different matter, otherwise no one likes to drink alcohol in a steel glass. You must have seen jam being spilled in plastic glasses instead of steel glasses. But not in steel glass. 

Now the question must be coming in your mind that what is the reason behind this? Let us tell you that drinking liquor, beer etc. in steel glasses does not have any side effect on anyone's body. According to experts, drinking alcohol in steel glasses does not cause any harm. 

Liquor is made only in steel utensils 

You might hardly know that from the fermenting tank to the filtering equipment, the utensils in which alcohol is made (alcohol making procedure) are all made of steel. 

If storing liquor in steel would cause any harm to the liquor or the drinker, then liquor would not be made in steel utensils. Even after this, what is the reason that people do not like to drink liquor in steel glasses?