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AC Service Trick: Now you can service AC yourself, you will not have to spend money, know the method

AC Service At Home: The heat has increased so much that people have now started using AC. But everyone definitely gets the AC serviced before running it during the season. For this you have to spend Rs 500-1000. But if we tell you that you can service your AC for free. For this, today we are going to tell you some such tips by which you can service your home's AC yourself (AC Service Trick) and you will not even need to spend money. 

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Breaking News, Digital Desk: The  only relief from this terrible heat is the cool air of AC. The cool breeze of air conditioner (AC) provides great relief during summers. Whereas in winter the AC remains switched off. It is often seen that in the summer season, people start using AC without getting it serviced (AC Servicing tips). 

It is very important to get the AC serviced from time to time. Companies definitely advise customers to get their AC service done (AC Service Trick) before the end of the season and before the season starts.

For information, let us tell you that according to the market rate, AC service costs between Rs 500 to Rs 1000. At the same time, customers can also service the AC themselves. In such a situation, if your AC has been serviced only a few months ago, then you can service it again yourself.

For this you will have to follow these steps, here we are giving you information about the service of split AC (AC Service process):-

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1. Power off the AC completely
2. Remove the cover and filter
3. Clean the top cover with a dry cloth and then add water
4. Remove dust using a narrow reach brush
5. After this, pour water from the pipe or mug into the outside unit.
6. Do this until dirty water stops coming from the unit.

After this you switch off the AC as before. Now turn it on and within 15 minutes you will get more cooling than before. However, if AC service at home has not been done for a long time, then it would be better if you call a mechanic from outside and get the service done. They will service the AC with a blower which will service the AC deep inside.