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71 kilometer highway will be widened in Uttar Pradesh, land of 24 villages will be acquired

UP News: A network of highways and roads is being laid in Uttar Pradesh. For the convenience of the people and to modernize the traffic, the widening of roads is happening at a very fast pace in UP. 73 kilometer highway is to be widened in these districts of UP. Farmers' land is to be acquired for highway widening. Lands will be acquired under the second phase. 

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Uttar Pradesh News: Land is to be acquired in the second phase for highway widening in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Let us tell you that the construction work of widening of Bareilly Sitarganj Highway has now started. For the widening of this highway, land is to be acquired in the second phase but the land has not been acquired yet. In the second phase, land is to be acquired in Pilibhit and Udham Singh Nagar districts of Uttarakhand for widening of 38.5 km highway.

The road will be wide on both sides

Currently, there is a 71 kilometer (or 10 meter wide) road stretch from Bareilly to Sitarganj. This road from Bareilly to Sitarganj is to be made four lane. Let us tell you that a 9-9 meter wide road is to be built on both sides. 

In the first phase, land is required to widen a 32.5 km stretch of the highway in Bareilly and Pilibhit. Land of 24 villages is to be acquired for road widening in the second phase in Amriya area. 

Land of 24 villages will be acquired

So far, land has become available for widening of 20 km of road out of 27.5 km in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Rest of the land is being claimed for 3 out of 5 kilometers in Pilibhit. Land is still required for 9 kilometers of road under the first phase of highway widening. According to the information received, this land acquisition will be done soon. Land of 24 villages is to be acquired for road widening in the second phase in Amriya area. 

Concern about the second phase of work

NHAI officials are concerned over the second phase of work. In the second phase, 26 km of Pilibhit and 12.5 km of Udham Singh Nagar of Uttarakhand are to be widened. Land for this has not been found yet in both the districts. 

The project director of NHAI had recently met officials in Rudrapur and Pilibhit. His request was that the land would be made available soon. Due to the apathy of the officials of both the districts, the land has not been available yet.

Widening of Bareilly-Sitarganj Highway

The responsibility of widening the highway was earlier assigned to the ADM. Later the responsibility of widening this road was given to the City Magistrate. The biggest problem is happening in Pilibhit. Udham Singh Nagar's turn will come last. 

NHAI Project Director BP Pathak said that the process of widening of Bareilly-Sitarganj highway has started. While the acquisition of land required for the first phase is almost complete, the land required for the second phase has not been obtained. Construction may get hampered due to non-acquisition of land in Pilibhit.

City Magistrate Vijay Vardhan Tomar said that the land of farmers of 24 villages in Amriya area is to be acquired. 50 percent compensation has been given in phase two. The remaining file is also ready. The elections had slowed down the work. The acquisition will be completed soon.