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Wine Beer: Wine drinkers should know how alcohol goes down, they will not have to face embarrassment

How to Cure Hangover: Alcohol is a very bad thing. People drink alcohol even after knowing this. In such a situation, when the intoxication of alcohol increases, it leads to defamation. Therefore, to avoid this infamy, adopt these easy tips. Let us know about it in detail.

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The Kalamkar News (New Delhi). Excessive alcohol consumption shakes the body from within. This puts additional pressure on the liver, kidneys and intestines and increases the amount of toxic substances in the blood. Alcohol is diuretic, that is, after drinking alcohol, there is excessive urination due to which the body starts losing water. Due to this, the body starts losing water rapidly. 

Due to lack of water, electrolytes start getting released from the body. This causes extreme weakness and fatigue. On the other hand, the lining of the intestine starts getting scratched. This causes inflammation. Excess alcohol reduces sugar in the body. 

That means alcohol is only harmful. But the reality is that people still drink alcohol. Many times people drink so much alcohol that it becomes difficult to get rid of its intoxication. If you want to get rid of this addiction quickly, then here we are telling you some easy remedies.

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 Drink plenty of water – According to the report of Healthline, drinking alcohol causes severe dehydration in the body. Therefore, drink more water than necessary so that the alcohol gets excreted through urine as soon as possible. Even if your stomach is filled with water, keep drinking water after some time.

Eat mixed fruits - According to Medical News Today, when the intoxication becomes very high then mixed fruits will be beneficial. For this, fruits soaked in water like cucumber, watermelon, orange will prove to be more beneficial. Due to excessive intoxication, the amount of sugar in the blood starts decreasing rapidly. Due to this, metabolism starts deteriorating. In such a situation, consumption of sweet juice can balance the amount of sugar in the blood. For this you can drink orange juice.

Antacid-alcohol intoxication causes stomach upset. Therefore you can take antacid tablets. This will provide relief to the stomach which will reduce the risk of vomiting. Antacid will cool the stomach.

Pain Relief – According to Harvard Medical report, drug addiction can be reduced with the help of pain relief medicine. For this you can take aspirin or ibuprofen but do not take Tylenol. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be beneficial.

Ginger- Some experts suggest consuming ginger to get rid of alcohol intoxication. Ginger can cure upset stomach. However, none of these remedies have any scientific proof except water. On the basis of common practice, experts give tips to get rid of alcohol intoxication. 

At some places, the intoxication of alcohol is also reduced with the help of pickle or lemon. But it is not necessary that by treating every person the same, one will get rid of the intoxication of alcohol, hence do not drink alcohol. If you drink, drink under control.