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Whiskey: Why cold water is not mixed in whiskey, know expert's opinion

The right way to drink whiskey - Alcohol is harmful for health. But people still consume it. Everyone has a different way of drinking alcohol. If someone drinks it after mixing it with water, he likes to drink it neat. But most people do not know the correct way to drink whiskey. Due to which alcohol causes more harm to the body. Often you must have seen people adding cold water to liquor. But mixing cold water in whiskey is prohibited. Let us know why this is so in the news below. 


The Kalamkar News (Bureau). Whether or not to add water to whiskey or any other alcohol is a matter of great debate. In fact, most wine experts believe that hard drinks should be enjoyed in their original form only. 

However, due to the taste palette of people in India and Asian countries, the quality of the drinks available there and the weather, it is common to mix water in drinks. Not only water, people also drink alcohol by mixing it with juice, soda, energy drinks and what not. Apart from balancing the bitter taste of alcohol, it also keeps the body hydrated. 

Many people like to drink whiskey by mixing it with chilled water. Food experts believe that the temperature of water mixed with liquor has great importance. It has a huge impact on the taste and flavor of wine. Only those who understand the importance of water temperature are able to understand the flavor of hard drinks better.

Actually, human taste buds react differently to different temperatures of liquids, hence humans also feel the taste differently. According to experts, be it food items or drinks, when they are cold, our taste buds are not able to understand their flavor properly. Better taste or flavor is revealed only when the food or drink is hotter than before. This is the reason why the taste of hot beer feels bitter, whereas cold or chilled beer is not difficult to drink.  

What should be the temperature of the water added? 

Wine experts believe that human taste buds work best at temperatures between 15 to 35 degrees Celsius. At a temperature of 35 degrees, the taste glands are fully open and after tasting things, they send clear messages to our brain about tastes and flavours. At the same time, when the temperature of drinks or food items is below 15 degrees, the taste glands are not able to send clear messages to the brain, due to which the taste is not known at all.

That is, if the drinks are consumed completely cold, it will mute our taste palette and the flavors will not be understood. In such a situation, if a person wants to enjoy expensive single malt, then drinking it cold would be doing injustice to its actual flavor. Perhaps this is the reason why wine experts recommend drinking expensive wine without mixing anything. Experts believe that to get the correct flavor of whiskey, the temperature of water should be room temperature or slightly higher. 

This is why special glasses are made

If yu have noticed, whiskey is mostly served in tumbler glasses. The bottom of these glasses is very thick and heavy. The purpose of the heavy bottom is to preserve the natural warmth of the whiskey so that the temperature of the surface on which the glass is placed does not affect the temperature of the liquor served. At the same time, there is a long part at the bottom of wine glasses which is called stem. Wine experts recommend drinking it while holding it. The reason is that by holding the glass by the bottom instead of the stem, the temperature of the wine in it may not change.