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What Is Laughter Yoga And How It Helps Couple Strengthen Bond - 8 Benefits

A unique and playful approach to exercise that combines laughter exercises with yogic deep-breathing techniques, laughter yoga can help enhance the joy and connection within couples.

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The Kalamkar News, What Is Laughter Yoga And How It Helps Couple Strengthen Bond - 8 BenefitsCouple who do yoga together, stay together! (Image by Freepik)

Laughter is often called the best medicine - studies have shown a good laugh can strengthen your immune system, elevate your mood, reduce the sense of pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. Meanwhile, Yoga is now globally known for its holistic health benefits.

It not only keeps you physically flexible and fit but also has several positive impacts on your health - it helps in the management of hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, lung issues, and mental health among other things.

So when you combine the two - laughter and yoga - no wonder, the result is unique. Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar, Founder of Akshar Yoga Kendraa, shares insights about laughter yoga and how it benefits all, particularly couples.

What Is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is a unique and playful approach to exercise that combines laughter exercises with yogic deep-breathing techniques. "While traditionally practised in groups, the principles of Laughter Yoga can also be applied to enhance the joy and connection within couples. 

This unconventional form of exercise is not only about physical well-being but also about fostering emotional and social bonds," says Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar.

How Laughter Yoga Can Benefit Couples

Himalayan Siddha Akshar lists the following ways in which this unique yoga form can help couples:

1. Laughter As A Bonding Tool

When couples share laughter, it creates a shared experience that strengthens their connection. "Laughter Yoga builds on this idea by promoting laughter without relying on jokes or humour. This intentional laughter serves as a tool for bonding, allowing couples to enjoy each other's company in a lighthearted and stress-free manner," shares Himalayan Siddha Akshar.

2. Stress Reduction And Relaxation

Life's demands can often lead to stress, which, if left unchecked, may strain relationships, says the yoga leader. He adds, "Laughter Yoga incorporates deep-breathing exercises that promote relaxation. As couples engage in these exercises together, they not only share moments of joy but also experience a collective release of tension. This shared relaxation can contribute to a more harmonious and resilient relationship."

3. Building Positive Communication

Communication is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship. Himalayan Siddha Akshar says, "Laughter Yoga encourages spontaneous and genuine laughter, fostering an environment where couples can communicate openly and positively. The non-verbal nature of laughter allows for a pure form of expression, breaking down barriers and promoting a deeper understanding between partners."

4. Playfulness And Creativity

In the hustle of daily life, couples may find themselves caught up in routine and responsibilities. Laughter Yoga introduces an element of playfulness into the relationship. The exercises often involve imaginative and childlike elements, encouraging couples to embrace their creative sides. This playfulness can reignite the spark in a relationship, adding an element of novelty and fun.

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5. Emotional Intimacy

Laughter is not only a physical activity; it also engages emotions. "Through Laughter Yoga, couples can tap into their emotional connection, fostering a sense of intimacy. Sharing laughter creates positive emotional experiences, which can become cherished memories that strengthen the emotional bond between partners," shares Himalayan Siddha Akshar.

6. Mindful Presence In The Moment

Laughter Yoga emphasises being present in the moment, savouring the joy of laughter without dwelling on past concerns or worrying about the future. 

"This mindfulness can translate into an improved quality of time spent together. Couples engaged in Laughter Yoga exercises are encouraged to focus on the present, fostering a sense of gratitude for the shared moments of laughter," says Himalayan Siddha Akshar.

7. Having A Common Goal

Embarking on a fitness journey together can be a powerful way for couples to support each other. Laughter Yoga provides a unique avenue for shared wellness goals. As couples commit to incorporating laughter exercises into their routine, they not only invest in their individual well-being but also the health of their relationship.

8. Overcoming Challenges Together

Life inevitably presents challenges, and couples must navigate them as a team. Himalayan Siddha Akshar says, "Laughter Yoga teaches resilience by encouraging individuals to find humour even in challenging situations. When couples practice laughter during difficult times, it can serve as a coping mechanism, helping them approach challenges with a more positive and united front."

How To Incorporating Laughter Yoga Into Daily Life

Integrating Laughter Yoga into a couple's routine doesn't have to be a complex or time-consuming endeavour. "Simple laughter exercises can be practised for just a few minutes each day.

Whether it's starting the morning with laughter, incorporating it into evening relaxation rituals, or sharing a laugh before bedtime, finding moments for intentional laughter can become a shared habit," says yoga guru Himalayan Siddha Akhar.