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Toyota Innova Hycross: Toyota has stopped booking this car due to increasing demand, see it quickly

New Delhi, Toyota Innova Hycross: In today's time, every company wants that their vehicles should be sold in maximum numbers. For which they create havoc in the market with their price and features.

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But today we are going to tell you that due to the sudden increase in demand of this Toyota car in the market, the company has stopped booking. Let us tell you that customers were demanding the most for the ZX and ZX (O) variants of Toyota's Innova Highcross. Due to which the company had to close the booking site. Do you know why Toyota has done this?

Often when the sales of vehicles increase in the market, the company is very happy. But at this time Toyota has stopped taking bookings for its vehicles. Let us tell you that Toyota has stopped booking of the top range variants of Innova Hycross - ZX and ZX (O) at this time.

Before this, let us tell you that the company had opened the booking for one month as soon as the vehicle was launched. But once again, booking has been stopped now. Because the supply of vehicles from the company has stopped.

Let us tell you that in the year 2023, Toyota stopped taking bookings for ZX and ZX (O) vehicles. Because the reason was that there were some problems in the vehicle, due to which its booking was stopped. After some time, the company opened the booking site.

But this time it has been stopped again. The reason for this is that the demand for these vehicles has increased a lot in the market. Due to which the waiting period for customers is increasing. After which the company stopped taking orders for these vehicles.

This was the price of Innova Hycross ZX-

If we look at the ex-showroom price of the Innova Highcross ZX car, we find that the ex-showroom price of this car is Rs 30.34 lakh and the ex-showroom price of ZX (O) is Rs 30.98 lakh. If we look at it, the company has said that the VX and VX (O) variants will be available to the customers soon. Their waiting period is only 14 months at this time.

If we look at the non-hybrid petrol variant, then this car now has a waiting period of 6 months. At present, booking of only the top models of the Highcross has been stopped. While other cars are still available to customers.

This is the engine in Toyota Innova Hycross-

You will get Toyota Innova in two options. If you look at them, you will get a 2.0 liter strong hybrid engine and a 2.0 liter four cylinder petrol engine. Let us tell you that the hybrid engine will get an e-CVT gearbox. Whereas in the petrol engine you will get a CVT gearbox.

You will get this car in seven variants. Which are G, GX, GX (O), VX, VX (O), ZX, and ZX (O). This year the company launched the non-hybrid GX (O) model of Innova. Its market price is Rs 20.99 lakh.