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tenant landlord rights: Tenant gets 6 rights, now landlord will not do as per his wish

Tenant landlord rights: If you live in a rented house. So you get some important rights as a tenant. Which is very important to know. Let us know about it in detail.

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The Kalamkar News (New Delhi). If you live in a rented house. So you get some important rights as a tenant. Which is very important to know. So that your landlord cannot exploit you. So let us know how many rights a tenant gets.

Rent Control Act:

In 1948, a Central Rent Control Act was passed whose purpose was to ensure that the rights of neither the landlord nor the tenant could be exploited by the other. This Act additionally lays down the rules for renting out property. Keep in mind that every state has its own rent control act. This difference is not much. 

The owner cannot unreasonably exclude:

If you have taken a room on rent and suddenly the landlord comes and unreasonably evicts you from the room, then it is legally wrong. It is wrong to evict without any valid reason. 

But if you have been paying rent for the last 2 months, doing commercial or illegal work in his property, or damaging his property, he can throw you out of the room. The landlord has to give a notice period of 15 days to evict the tenant from the house.

Essential services:

If you have taken a room on rent, then you should ask for simple facilities like electricity connection, clean drinking water, parking from your landlord, no landlord can refuse all these things. If someone refuses to give all these things, the concerned authority can take legal action against him.

Fare Range:

The landlord cannot collect arbitrary rent from his tenant. If a landlord wants to collect rent from his tenant, he will have to give a notice 3 months before collecting the rent. Apart from this, the landlord will have to pay the prevailing market rates as well. Rent should be taken after adding the depreciation of the property.

Heirs of tenants:

If a tenant lives with his family and the tenant dies suddenly, the landlord cannot evict the family of the deceased tenant. The landlord can make a new agreement to stay in the house for the remaining period.

Maintenance and Security Deposit:

The landlord himself has to bear the cost of maintaining the room. Apart from this, electricity and water charges are mentioned in the house rent. 

Apart from this, the landlord also deposits security money with the tenant, which should be paid one month after the tenant leaves the house or by adjusting it in the earlier dues. should give.

right to privacy :

Once the house rent agreement is in place, the landlord cannot disturb the tenant by entering his room or in simple words the landlord cannot disturb the tenant. If the landlord wants to go to the tenant's room, he will have to take permission first.