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Success Story: An Indian who went abroad to work as a daily wage earner became a millionaire overnight

Success Story In Hindi: Today we are going to tell you the success story of an Indian man who went abroad to work and something happened that overnight he became the owner of Rs 45 crores, let us know about him in the news. In detail.

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The kalamkar News, Digital Desk - It is said that when the boss gives, he makes a splash. A similar blessing of God has been bestowed upon an Indian living in the United Arab Emirates. Sreeju , who worked as an operator in the control room of a company, became a millionaire overnight.

Actually, Sreeju, a resident of Kerala, has just won a lottery called Saturday Millions. He will get Rs 45 crore as reward. 39 year old Sreeju has been living and working in Fujairah for the last 11 years. 

Fujairah is about 110 kilometers from Dubai. On Wednesday i.e. 15th November, the 154th draw of Merely Saturday Millions was announced.

When Sreeju got the news of winning the draw, he was at work. Sreeju said that he was shocked to know that he had won not just the award but the top award. 

According to a report in Gulf News, after winning the lottery, Sreeju said, “I was about to sit in my car when I checked my Mahjuj account. 

I couldn't believe my eyes. I had won the first prize. When I saw my victory, I did not know what to do. I just waited for the phone call to confirm that I had indeed won Rs 45 crore.”

Income Tax Notice: Income tax notice will come as soon as you deposit this much cash in the savings account, information has to be given to the IT department under section 114B.

Will buy a house in India

Sreeju says that he will first buy a house in India with the money won in the lottery. Due to lack of money he had not been able to do this work till now. 

Sreeju says that he will not have to borrow from anyone to buy a house. They do not consider it a good idea to take out a loan and buy something.

Indians spend a lot of money in lotteries

A large number of Indians invest money in lotteries in UAE. Among them, the number of people from middle class or lower middle class is more. 

In the last few years, many Indians have won huge amounts of money in lotteries. Apart from Sreeju, another Indian won the Raphael Prize in the Emirates Draw Fast5 last Saturday. Sarath Sivadasan, 36, from Kerala, living in Dubai, has won the prize money of about Rs 11 lakh.