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Ram devotees get another gift, ramparts and 112 windows will be built at 10 places

Ayodhya ram mandir: Lakhs of people come to visit Ayodhya Ram Mandir. This time the construction work of the second phase of Ayodhya Ram Mandir is going on. According to the information, the target has been set to complete the construction work of the second phase of Ayodhya Ram Mandir by November this year. 10 places have been selected for this. 

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Digital Desk- New Delhi: Thousands of devotees visit the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi pilgrimage area every day. This time the construction work of the second phase of the Ram temple is being done. A new target has been set again on Sunday to complete the proposed construction. The intention of the pilgrimage area is that the construction should be completed soon without compromising on quality. 

Due to this, in the meeting of the building construction committee, the committee chairman Nripendra Mishra has set the target of November 2024. In a brief conversation, he said that if there is any obstruction due to any reason, then the maximum time will be extended by three months. For now, we will move forward as per the set target.

112 windows will be constructed in the rampart 

Committee chairman Mishra has said that this rampart is going to be about eight hundred meters long. This task is very challenging. He has said that this is going to be the security wall of the temple and also the Parikrama path. Therefore, it is very important to build it well. 

He informed that four and a half lakh cubic feet of Banshi Paharpur stones are being used in the Ram Mandir, while eight lakh cubic feet of stones are to be used in the rampart. He informed that 112 windows are being made in this rampart under a special design. 

Apart from this, mural paintings of various incidents of Ramayana will also be made on 100 bronze panels on the walls of this rampart. He said that these paintings will be for the promotion of those human qualities of Lord Ram which inspire us to live a good life in society. 

In this, what kind of responsibility should a king have towards his subjects. What should be his duty towards the army and the citizens. He told that ten places have been marked to ensure the construction of the rampart and the construction is going on.

Prasad will be made in the temple of Goddess Annapurna 

Committee chairman Nripendra Mishra has said that before the construction of the temple, there was a Sita kitchen here. Now a temple of Goddess Annapurna is being built at this place. 

Ramlala's Bhoga Prasad will be prepared in this temple itself. He said that Goddess Annapurna also has an important place. In future, Ramlala's Bhoga Prasad will be prepared at this place itself.

He said that in the second phase of construction, along with the rampart, the construction of six proposed temples (Lord Shiva, Hanuman Ji, Ganpati, Goddess Durga and Sun God including Annapurna) along with seven temples, namely Rishi Agastya, Maharishi Vashishtha, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Maharishi Valmiki, Mata Shabari, Nishad Raj and Goddess Ahalya, has also been included.

Features of global museums will be present in Ram Katha Kalakriti

The building construction committee of Ram Mandir held its second meeting on Monday at Ram Katha Museum. In this meeting, apart from the administrative arrangements of the museum, its modification was also discussed. 

It was told that it has been decided not to make any changes in the external structure of Ram Katha Museum. Even after the meeting, an attempt was made to talk to Nripendra Mishra but he refused to say anything. 

Former director of CBRI AK Mittal and museum curator Dr Sanjeev Kumar Singh along with other experts were present in this meeting.