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Property Rights: What is the wife's right in the property of her husband and mother-in-law?

Rights of wife on husband property - In Indian law, daughters have been given equal rights in property as sons. When a woman leaves her parents and family and goes to her in-laws' house, she gets some rights automatically (Women property rights), whereas, she gets some property related rights with the permission of her husband and in-laws. But most women are not aware of the rules and rights related to property, due to which they are deprived of their rights. Today in this news we will know how much right the wife has in the property of her husband and in-laws after marriage.

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(New Delhi). Women have been given the same rights as men on their ancestral property i.e. father's property . However, most of the women in the country do not take their share in their father's property.

But do you know how much right women have in the property of their husbands and in-laws? It is generally believed that the wife has full rights over the husband's property , whereas this is not completely true.

After marriage, women leave their parents' house and start living in their husband's house. In such a situation, it becomes their house too but it does not give them any right on the husband's property. Let us know how much rights women have in the property of their husbands and in-laws.

Most people believe that the wife has full rights over her husband's property, but this is not completely true (wife's share in the property) . Apart from the wife, other members of the family also have rights on this property. If any property is earned by the husband, then along with the wife, the mother and children also have the right on it.

If a person has made a will, then after his death his nominee gets his property. That nominee can also be his wife. At the same time, if a person dies without a will, then his property is equally divided among his wife, mother, children etc.

Wife's right on husband's ancestral property

If a woman's husband dies, she does not have the right over her husband's ancestral property   . However, a woman cannot be thrown out of her in-laws' house after the death of her husband.

Whereas the in-laws have to pay maintenance to the woman. The amount of maintenance is decided by the court based on the financial condition of the in-laws. If a woman has children then they get the entire property of their father. If a widow woman marries a second woman (alimony to wife) , then the maintenance she gets will stop.

Woman's property rights after divorce

If a woman gets divorced from her husband, she can ask for maintenance from the husband. This is also decided on the basis of the financial condition of both husband and wife. Apart from monthly maintenance, one time settlement option is also available in divorce cases. If the children live with the mother after divorce, the husband will have to maintain them too.

Let us tell you that in case of divorce, the wife has no right on her husband's property (women property rights) . However, the woman's children have full rights over their father's property. If there is any property of husband and wife in which both of them are owners, then it will be divided equally.