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New expressway will be built between these 2 districts of UP, land rates will skyrocket

UP News: Many expressways have been dedicated to the public in Uttar Pradesh for the last 5 years. Work on big projects like Ganga Expressway to Purvanchal Expressway has also been completed. But now soon Uttar Pradesh is going to get the gift of another expressway. Will connect three big expressways of the state. Read all the news in detail here below,

new highway

The Kalamkar News: The people of the North have got many gifts of roads and expressways. Now the next update is coming regarding Lucknow-Kanpur Expressway. 

Although there is not much distance between the two cities, still it takes a lot of time due to traffic jams and bad roads. Soon the people of Kanpur and Lucknow are going to get the gift of a new expressway, after which the travel time will be reduced to less than 1 hour.

Actually, a new 6-lane expressway is being built between the two cities, the total length of which is about 63 kilometers. This expressway is considered special in many ways. 

Firstly, this will reduce the travel time between Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow and industrial city Kanpur by almost half. Besides, the rates of land falling on both its banks will also increase rapidly.

Where will the highway village be built?

After traveling 31 kilometers in the middle of Lucknow-Kanpur Expressway, passengers will find Highway Village. This highway village is being built near Unnao city, which will be built on both sides of the expressway. Exit and entry points have also been given to the passengers to reach this highway village.

What facilities will be available

People will get many services at Highway Village. Restaurants, hotels, food courts, banks, workshops, fuel stations, CNG stations and e-vehicle charging station points will also be set up here. 

Saurabh Chaurasia, Project Manager of NHAI Lucknow, says that land has been identified for the Highway Village. An 18 kilometer elevated road is being built in the first phase of the expressway. It is being built between Lucknow and Bani.

This is the only route connected to 3 expressways

The most special thing about Lucknow-Kanpur Expressway is that this only route will connect to 3 expressways. Agra-Lucknow Expressway, Ganga Expressway and Purvanchal Expressway will be connected to this expressway. 

This means that if someone is coming from Delhi to Kanpur then he can easily reach through this expressway. Similarly, it will be easier for those coming from Purvanchal to go to Kanpur.