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Mountain of notes found in ED raid, 6 machines got damaged while counting, still this much cash left

Jharkhand note: After the raid in Ranchi yesterday, some pictures of the mountain of notes have come to light. It has become difficult to account for so much cash even after 12 hours. Six machines used to count notes have broken down and a lot of cash still remains to be counted.    

ed raid

Digital Desk- New Delhi: A mountain of currency notes was found in the ED raid in Ranchi on Monday. The pictures that have surfaced have not been accounted for even after 12 hours. 

Cash counting work has been going on continuously in the morning and evening for six months. By around 5 pm, 30 crore rupees had been counted, but there are still a large number of bundles of notes left which have not been counted. The final figure is expected to go up to Rs 40 to 50 crores.

It is said that counting is being done continuously since evening by six machines. Some machines have got damaged due to continuous work. Now new machines have been installed in their place. 

It is being told that ED and bank officials will have to work hard in cash counting and accounting of the properties recovered in the raids. The room from where this mountain of notes was found belonged to a person named Jahangir Khan.

Jahangir Sanjeev Lal is a servant, but he has as much money as Kubera's treasure. Sanjeev Lal works under senior Congress leader Alamgir Alam and Jharkhand Rural Development Minister. 

After the arrest of Rural Development Department Chief Engineer Virendra Ram, while investigating the case, ED has raided about half a dozen locations. The ED team that reached Jahangir's house found so much cash within half an hour of the search that everyone was surprised to see it.

Ram was also arrested last year in a money laundering case related to irregularities in government schemes. It is being said that the arrested accused had told the ED that the bribe amount he used to take was passed on to many people.  

ED had given this information to the state government, but still no action has been taken. After getting so much cash, now minister Alamgir Alam is also on remand. 

However, Alamgir Alam shrugged it off and said that his PS is a government employee who has already been PS to two ministers.