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Liquor: When should one drink alcohol on an empty stomach or after eating, expert gives opinion

The right way to drink alcohol - Everyone knows that drinking alcohol causes harm to the body. But still people consume it. But at the same time, people have thousands of questions in their minds regarding alcohol. When, how and how much alcohol should be consumed etc. There is no doubt that if alcohol is consumed in the right manner and within limits, the harm caused by it can be reduced to a great extent. Let us know in the news below- 

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The Kalamkar News (Bureau). liquor wine - Liquor is not good for health and we all know about the harm it causes to health, but still it has become a part of the lifestyle of most people around the world to a great extent. People consume alcohol on many occasions like wedding, party, dinner and night out.

First of all, it is not good to drink alcohol, but if you are drinking then you should try to cause minimal harm to your health. Here we will tell you how you can reduce the harm caused by alcohol and whether it is right to eat something before a drink or not.

Understanding Alcohol Abuse

Experts explain, "When we take the first sip of alcohol, it reaches the stomach first. If we have eaten something before drinking alcohol, the stomach is busy breaking down the food. Due to which the alcohol remains in the stomach. Stays here.

role of stomach

The stomach absorbs alcohol but at a slower rate than the small intestine. This means that if we have not eaten anything, the alcohol passes through the stomach faster and reaches the small intestine, which has a larger surface area, allowing the alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream faster.

effects of alcohol

As soon as alcohol enters the bloodstream, it reaches the heart and brain, where it leaves its intoxicating effect. If you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol bypasses the stomach's long processing time and goes straight to the small intestine. This means that alcohol is absorbed faster and gets us drunk faster.

drinking alcohol on an empty stomach

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach increases the effect of alcohol. Due to lack of food in the stomach, the absorption rate increases, which intensifies the alcoholic effect. 

This suggests that people who consume alcohol without eating beforehand often experience its effects more intensely and become intoxicated faster.

drinking on a full stomach

Eating before drinking can make a huge difference to the experience. Food acts as a protective barrier, slowing the absorption of alcohol in the small intestine. 

By delaying the absorption process, food consumption effectively reduces the rapid rise of alcohol in the bloodstream. This means that if you eat before drinking, you can enjoy the effects of your alcoholic beverage for a longer period of time.

creating balance

While it is important to consider the effect of food on alcohol absorption, it is equally important to strike a balance. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can intensify intoxication while eating food before drinking alcohol can help slow down its effects. 

Striking a balance between enjoying food and savoring the flavor of an alcoholic beverage is key to a responsible and enjoyable drinking experience. In the end, the choice is yours.

But if you heed the advice of health experts, eating a light meal of carbohydrates and protein before drinking and light snacks while drinking is ideal for avoiding annoying hangovers the next day.

This much alcohol should be drunk in a day - 

According to WHO report, not even a single drop of alcohol can be considered safe. Even minimal quantity of wine or other alcoholic drinks is dangerous for health. People should not drink alcohol at all. WHO has come to this conclusion after several years of assessment. 

Drinking the first drop of alcohol increases the risk of many serious diseases including cancer, liver failure. It is a misconception among people to consider even one peg of liquor or beer as safe. 

The World Health Organization says that till now no study has proved that alcohol can be beneficial for health. Such research is surrounded by controversies.