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Laborer received tax notice of Rs 2.21 billion, faced problems due to PAN card

Tax Notice: Middle class people often get tax notices. But after listening to what we are going to tell you today, you will feel very good. We are talking about a person in whose account an income tax notice has been sent which is worth Rs 2 billion 21 crore 30 lakh. Let's know the whole thing...

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The Kalamkar News, Tax Notice: We have heard that a person from a weaker economic section has received a tax notice worth crores of rupees. 

But have you heard about the tax notice of over Rs 2 billion? This incident happened with a daily wage laborer in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh. 

Income tax notice has been sent to this person in relation to Rs 2 billion 21 crore 30 lakh deposited in his bank account. The family is worried about the tax notice.

Notice sent to appear at Income Tax Office

This income tax notice was received a few days ago by Shiv Prasad Nishad, a native of Bataniya village of Lalganj police station area. 

Naisad said, “I work as a labourer.” I have received an income tax notice about which I am not aware. In the notice, Nishad has been asked to provide bank account and transaction information to the local income tax office before October 20. 

difficult pan card

This Income Tax notice of the department has become a topic of discussion in the village, but the Nishad family is worried. Nisad said, “My PAN card was lost a few years ago. 

Someone might have misused it to deposit money in my account.'' Additional Superintendent of Police Dipendra Nath Choudhary said, ''I have asked the in-charge of Lalganj police station to gather information about the case. No contact with local Income Tax officials. Happened.

Do these things if you lose your PAN card

If your PAN card is lost or stolen, the first thing you should do is file an FIR. Go to your nearest police station to write an FIR and keep a copy of it. 

If any suspicious activity is seen on your PAN, your PAN has been stolen. The Income Tax Department should also be informed about this. For this you will have to go to the nearby PAN card office, or you can do it over email. You can apply for duplicate or e-PAN even after this.