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Government will challenge Amazon Flipkart, will sell these goods at such cheap rates

Amazon Flipkart- The government has made a new move to compete with Amazon and Flipkart. Actually, the government has now made a scheme for online sale of consumer durable products at PDS Shops, i.e. government ration shops. And the government will connect ration shops with the digital market. This means that every type of ration will now be available online. Let us get complete information about the government schemes in the following news.  

amazon flipkart

The Kalamkar News, Amazon Flipkart - The government has taken steps to defeat Amazon-Flipkart. After flour, pulses and rice, the government is now planning to sell incense sticks and toothbrushes. The government is currently planning to sell consumer durable products online at PDS Shops, i.e. government ration shops. The government is investigating this.

Due to this action of the government, major e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart will have to face tough competition in the future. 

The government aims to sell consumer durable products through ONDC in the coming time. ONGC aims to reduce the dominance of big companies like Amazon and Flipkart in e-commerce. 

ONDC Government has created an e-commerce platform. Ration under PDS (Public Distribution System) is currently sold at government ration shops.

will join the online market

The government is running a pilot project to link ration shops with online shops. This means that now you will be able to buy toothbrush, incense sticks and some essential items online from the ration shop. 

ONDC, the government's e-commerce platform, will accomplish this. Its trial is going on in Una and Hamirpur of Himachal Pradesh. 

It will be implemented in the entire state if all goes well. Ration shopkeepers will benefit from this, because they will get more customers and will be able to compete with big retailers. People who cannot do online shopping themselves can also order online from the ration shop.

It will start like this

This scheme will be implemented first in the entire Himachal Pradesh. After this it will be launched nationwide. The area of ​​NDC is likely to increase after the implementation of this scheme. 

The testing of this scheme has started from the tenth Fair Price Store. Adding PDS shop to ONGC will pose a big challenge to Amazon and Flipkart.