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Government Scheme: This government scheme will make women rich in two years, they will get so much money

Government Schemes for Women: From time to time, the government keeps bringing new schemes to make women self-reliant. Recently the government has launched such a scheme in which women are going to get strong returns with less investment (Financial scheme for women) and without any risk (High return schemes). Let us tell you, this scheme can make you rich in a very short time. Let us know about it in detail in the news-

women goverment scheme

Government schemes provide huge profits to people without any risk. One such scheme is related to women (Government Schemes for women), which can make one rich in a short time. 

There is no need to invest much money in this. The government is giving strong interest under this scheme. You can open a bank account under this scheme through the post office. Let us know which scheme is right and how you can invest in it? 

The government had started a scheme under the Small Savings Scheme to provide benefits to women, which is known as Mahila Samman Saving Certificate Scheme. This scheme offers excellent interest. The special thing is that under this scheme, women can make good returns by making minimum investment (Small savings scheme for women). 

How much interest will you get? 

The government offers 7.5 percent interest (high interest scheme) under this scheme. You can invest in this small savings scheme only for two years. Also, the maximum investment amount under this scheme is Rs 2 lakh. 

The Central Government (Government financial scheme for women) had started Mahila Samman Bachat Patra Yojana (MSSCS) in the year 2023. Due to huge profits, this scheme has become included in the famous schemes of Post Office in a short time. 

You will also get benefit on tax benefit-

The central government started this scheme to make women self-reliant. Not only is a strong interest of 7.5 percent being given on investment in Mahila Samman Saving Certificate Scheme, but it is also exempted from TDS deduction. 

According to CBDT, in case of senior citizens, TDS (Tax Deducted at source) will be applicable on this scheme only when the interest earned during a financial year is Rs 40 to 50 thousand. Another special thing about this scheme is that accounts can also be opened for girls of 10 years of age or less (women friendly schemes). 

Can you apply like this? 

If we look at the calculation of interest received in Mahila Samman Saving Certificate Scheme, under this scheme, 7.5 percent interest is being given on investment for two years and if a woman investor invests Rs 2 lakh in this, then the total return in the period of two years is Will be Rs 31,125. This scheme can be opened through post office or banks (application process of MSCS). To open an account, you will have to provide Aadhar Card, PAN Card, KYC and a cheque.