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Good news for the people of Delhi, there will be no traffic jam at these places from this year

Delhi News: Delhiites are very happy. According to a recently published report, Rs 1768 crore has been kept in the budget to build new roads and flyovers and maintain old roads. According to news, six new flyovers will be ready and commissioned this year. It also has two double decker flyovers.

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The Kalamkar News (New Delhi): A provision of Rs 1768 crore has been made in the budget for the construction of new roads and flyovers and maintenance of old roads. Delhiites are happy that six new flyovers are going to be completed and started this year. It also has two double decker flyovers. In which metro will run on the upper level, vehicles will run on the lower level, and vehicles will also run on the ground floor.

Such flyovers are being built near Azadpur Corridor and Bhajanpura. This will be the first year in the last few years when flyovers and underpasses will be started on such a large scale, which will save people from jams.

The budget said that a large network of flyovers has been built in Delhi in the last decade. According to the budget, the Delhi government has built 30 new flyovers, elevated corridors and underpasses in the last nine years.

While presenting the budget, Finance Minister Atishi said that the quality of roads in any state of the world determines the pace of the economy. The more money the government spends on roads, the more time and money the common man can save.

Work is going on on many flyovers and elevated corridors-

Work on several flyovers and elevated corridors in Delhi is currently going on at a fast pace. Which will be dedicated to the people of Delhi in the year 2024-25.

The work of Integrated Corridor is going on at a fast pace between Punjabi Bagh Flyover and Raja Garden Flyover. About 80% work has been completed. By the end of the financial year 2024-25, six new flyovers will be built in Delhi, which will be built for the people of Delhi.

Flyovers and elevated corridors will start this year-

Double Decker Flyover, Metro on Azadpur Corridor from Rani Jhansi Road Junction

Double Decker Flyover, Karawal Nagar-Metro at Ghonda-Brijpuri Junction

Barapula Phase: Process to build three separate corridors Flyover from Nand Nagari to Gagan Cinema Junction

Flyover from Anand Vihar, ROB to Apsara Border, ROB

Establishment of underpass on Ring Road outside Mukarba Chowk

A fleet of ten thousand buses will be ready in Delhi-

Similarly, he has stated his target of crossing the fleet of 10 thousand buses in Delhi. The government said that a fleet of ten thousand buses will be created to improve the public transport service in Delhi. 80 percent will be electric buses.

According to the budget presented in the Delhi Assembly on Monday, Delhi has a fleet of 7582 buses. More than 41 lakh people travel in these every day. The government has signed a contract to further increase this by purchasing 1,900 new electric buses. This year Rs 510 crore has been spent for electric buses.

An investment of Rs 340 crore has been made in the financial year 2024–25, which includes providing free bus travel to women through pink tickets in DTC and cluster buses. A target has been set to run 10480 buses in Delhi in the coming years. 80 percent of the buses will be electric.